Super Smash Bros. Shortages Hit Multiple Retailers

Shortages of the new wildly popular Wii U title Super Smash Bros. have been hitting multiple retailers, according to many industry reports.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1394d ago

Sakurai, you've created a monster.
A sales monster.
Better convince Iwata-san to start printing up another couple mill of those to cover the next year or so.XD

BX811393d ago

Just ordered 2 for my kids on the 3ds. I had a feeling the wii u version would sell out.

metalmatters1393d ago

the real issue is finding the forsaken gamecube controller adapter :(

iliimaster1393d ago

went to two stores today without even thinking it would be an issue and both were out so i had to get it online

Kevlar0091393d ago

Looked on Ebay, sealed adapters are bidding at $50-$70. Got mine in the bundle, would be a pretty good return. But you can't have it, I need it.