The Complete List - December 2014 Video Game Releases

MWEB GameZone writes: "If you think there’s nothing exciting releasing in December then you would be very wrong. We’ve got Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, The Crew (Ubisoft’s last chance for redemption?) and the Multiplayer Beta for Halo 5: Guardians. If you fancy odd puzzle games, then you have to check out The Talos Principle from the creators of Serious Sam. There’s also exciting DLC’s releasing in December for Destiny, Battlefield 4 and SWTOR.

Here's everything you need to know about December's releases

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Sillicur1395d ago

Game of thrones! a MUST play for me :) Great list thank you

HanCilliers1395d ago

I am a big Telltale fan but also a big GOT fan. I just hope Telltale don't deviate too much from the "culture" of GoT. I know the age restriction indicates they've allowed violence, but that doesn't mean they've captured the true spirit of the series.

Sillicur1395d ago

Definately, I really hope its not a dissapointment for me, as i have read all the books and avidly watch the series

HoldenZA1395d ago

I need this game in my life already!!

Cant wait to play

SonZeRo1395d ago

Atleast my wallet can rest this month, nothing super interesting for me.

Sillicur1395d ago

Did the steam sale tire your wallet out? :)

DesVader1395d ago

I am so looking forward to the SWTOR DLC release....and the level cap raising to 60. I know what I'm doing for December :).

HanCilliers1395d ago

I miss jamming TOR, I left because of the poor end game content, but I take that's improved a lot?

Sillicur1395d ago

Hoping it did, would like to get back into that sometime

DesVader1395d ago

Defintely! Plenty of raids, flashpoints, PVP seasons, end game stories, strongholds and lots more to keep you busy. Now a level cap raise to shake things up again.

telekineticmantis1395d ago

Guilty Gear, and Thcrew, the Crew should be a unique experiences.

HanCilliers1395d ago

Unless Ubisoft makes another mess, which I don't hope for

lord zaid1395d ago

After November we need a bit of a rest

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