PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.4 Walkthrough HD

This firmware update adds even more functionality to the PS3 including the long awaited in-game XMB.

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Vojkan3819d ago

reading comments at GT i can see that xbox fanboys are getting nervous, and still try to nit pick stuff. Let me remaind you PSN is FREE

AngryHippo3819d ago

they are games consoles, why would anyone be nervous of another console getting features that they already had from the beginning?! I am pleased Sony FINALLY listened and are about to deliver on something that will greatly improve on the PS3 experience.

Lifendz3819d ago

is what I want to know. THey should be angry. Angry that MS is charging them for what you could get for free on PS3.

HungPHAT3819d ago

Na not Nervous , excited yes. Us dual console owners are not like that buddy we love our machines more the merry , non fanboy here ;) 2 is always better than one , would'nt you love to have two girls instead of one , blonde in the Morning Burnett at night , ahhhhh it feels good

games4fun3819d ago

i somewhat agree its pretty obvious they could be offering this stuff for free too until it gets to the point that massive ammounts of people are switching or just buying ps3 instead of 360 i dont think msoft will take notice.

Lifendz3819d ago

tru. They probably won't notice. But let's look at a typical next-gen gamer. Let's say he's old enough to buy his own stuff and consoles. Pays for XBL out of pocket and the whole nine. Now let's say he only owns a 360 and has been a victim of RROD at least twice. Now let's say his 3rd 360 is acting up, he's paid for XBL every year and receives no credit for time missed due to a broken 360, and now here comes Sony with all the features he's loved about 360.

That's the kind of customer MS should be scared of losing. The kid that got a 360 for Christmas and who's parents pay for live is probably going to have a tough time explaining why he needs another 400 bucks for a system. Especially if that kid isn't working.

xboxftw3819d ago

@^^^^^ lifeendz

I bought both of my 360s, both RRODd at one point of time. Have been gold member and still will not pick up ps3 for:

lack of better Multiplatform, online, poor library at the moment, nothing exciting about upcoming releases like R2 (dint like R1), nor a fan of mgs4 (played mgs 3 for 15 mins max), hate the 20 year old toy controller, dont hv HDMI on my sony hdtv so can't be bothered for poor colors of most games.

Lifendz3819d ago

I respect your opinion but I think all you Xbox guys can stop with the whole "poor library" thing. The PS3 has a AAAA game that's exclusive. And there are a plethora of other games coming and out now (Uncharted, Ratchet, etc). You're not into Resistance? Fine. That's your perogative. Little Big looks great and White Knight is about to drop. Infamous is coming. I mean, the library is not poor at all.

And toy controller? Hey buddy, I haven't paid a dime for rechargeable batteries or new batteries.

seraph7413819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )


true that, we need more of you kind around here, would be a much better site.

unfortunately, it looks like owning both systems means you will be disagreed with on this site. how do you disagree with some1 saying they enjoy all of their consoles? wow n4g, wow

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3819d ago

HD??? Yep! HD = Hard'Don!!!;-D Yep...i got one!!! ;-D

FAQS3819d ago


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3819d ago

I did get a bit worried when it said it was from gametraitors.con(gametrailers. com)the Video;-D

Bibto3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Are trophies included in Firmware 2.40? I can't quite make out what he's saying at the end of the video.

Is he saying that Trophies are in the next update, or is he saying that they are not in the next update, but will be shown in the next video?

EDIT: Nevermind. Just read the official info stating that trophies are indeed in the 2.4 update.

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