‘The Dark Below’ Will Let Guardians Reach Level 30 For Crota’s End

When The Dark Below launches on December 9, the new raid Crota’s End will be available on day one. The new raid will start at Level 30 for normal level raiding, according to two tweets from Luke Smith, the lead designer of the current raid on Destiny, The Vault of Glass.

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Halo2ODST21391d ago

Hopefully it won't be microtransactions

Halo2ODST21390d ago

Like with World of Warcraft, you could pay to instantly level up to 90 when their most recent dlc came out

BattleAxe1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

You've got to be kidding me...level 30.... They must not want that many people to play the new Raids. Every decision that these guy make just doesn't make sense. People have purchased a seasons pass to access additional content. Who know how many more hours I will have to dump into this game before I can even access it. Because of the way they've designed Raids not to have matchmaking, I haven't even been able to play the Raids that are currently available.

vickers5001391d ago

Read the article, it's not like you're going to have to have vault of glass raid gear to be able to do the raid, they're just going to give you more ways to get to 30. Now as for what those ways are, I can't say. A few guesses: exotic bounties for crota based armor sets (in the dark below pictures on the site, there are two sets of armor for each class, I'm guessing one of those sets of armor are crota themed light level 30 gear, and the other set is light level 32 gear), or a more unlikely theory, they'll let you equip more exotic armor pieces.

I'm not sure, but I highly doubt they're going to solely cater to the elite few who have already reached level 30 and leave out everyone else.

I do think they should have raid matchmaking, even though it probably wouldn't work very well the majority of the time due to the nature of people, it would still be a little bit better than the current system of hoping you have several PSN friends or someone already in a group you can mooch off of, or sending random invites to people in the tower, or internet postings.

Idk if you've done the raid or not, but if you have, imagining matchmaking for it would be a nightmare. You'd get paired with a bunch of a-holes all screaming and shouting at each other, telling everybody what to do, arguing about who should listen to who, people being stupid/angry/loud/obnoxious/un reliable, matchmaking usually draws these types of players in, that's my theory on why they make finding people a chore, because these if you actually go through the effort of forming a group and finding members willing to help, it roots out all the people not willing to actually try or work as a team, all the people who would try it once, die a few times, get pissed off and say "f this, I'm out, find another player" and then drop out. That can still happen with tower invites and whatnot, but not as often as it would if matchmaking was introduced.

But with matchmaking you could at least find maybe one or two people per match who you want to stick with. And if you get lucky and actually beat the raid with a matchmade team for the first time, chances are high you'll all be so damned happy from beating it you'll all become PSN friends and add each other, least that's how I found my group.

" In The Dark Below there will be other ways to get to Light 30 – and Crota’s End – beyond running VOG.

— Luke Smith (@LukeWasRight) November 30, 2014"

GiggMan1391d ago

Trust me, it's just my opinion, but raid matchmaking would suck. Even strike matchmaking can be a pain with people starting and dropping out for no apparent reason.

The raid takes a decent amount of time and you want people that you can depend on for the duration, at least to finish it anyway. It could get frustrating having to start and stop just to pick up another person.

It could be good for teams of four or five but need one or two more people though.

BattleAxe1390d ago

I understand what you guys are saying, but what I will say, is that I played the heck out of Resistance 2's 8 player co-op with matchmaking, and it worked really well.

There was never a problem holding 7 or 8 players in any given match. People really tend to like co-op gameplay, and people will tend to stick around with higher player counts of 6 or 8 players, because it's just more fun. Resistance 2 has already blazed this trail, and it was a success.

ceejaa1391d ago

You can still do it at lvl 29 so it doesnt matter.

jdiggitty1390d ago

Have you tried doing VoG hard with a team of 29s? I'd rather slam my head against the wall than try that again.

Sp1tfireXM1391d ago

I guess the rumor about the hard raid being level 33 must be true.... such a cheap way to make the raid hard. Bungie are terrible at what they're trying to do

JeffGUNZ1390d ago

Yeah, I don't like this at all. Normal mode should not allow the enemies to be above your level. You know how the raid works, it starts with lower level enemies then goes up a few. Unless the entire raid is level 30, then this is just BS.

WitWolfy1390d ago

And thats why I never bought this game. Its like a beta test too see how far they can push this micro transaction shit, and to see how many are prepared to pay for it.

Spotie1390d ago

So, just for curiosity's sake, which microtransactions are you talking about?

WitWolfy1390d ago

By micro I meant pointless DLC that should've been there in the final release of the game. I mean for God sake its half the price of the actual game.

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