‘GTA V’ 1.19 Patch Contents To Include Heists, Release Date Update--Report

Rockstar continues to release updates for "Grand Theft Auto V" the recent being 1.18 for "GTA V Online." However, the contents of the next major update are believed to contain not only bug fixes but also the much-anticipated Heists. Reports claim Rockstar will release the 1.19 update patch soon in the first week of December.

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Findingcrybabies1388d ago

kinda lost its meaning over a year after it was promised....also after I quit playing this game. To me, the whole "better late than never" doesn't really apply here. Guess im glad they are FINALLY coming out though.

MrGEE1388d ago

heists will come with pc version ,jan27

crusf1388d ago

Another site that thinks adding GTA V,heists, and patch together in the same title will provide increase in ad revenue.

crazychris41241388d ago

Im not gonna hold my breath. We have been waiting 430 days for heists.

paul-p19881388d ago

It would be amazing if they did, but we've been waiting well over a year for this now with the release date being pushed back repeatedly so i'll just take this with a pinch of salt...

Rocky51388d ago

I just hope there is no minimum level limit & that the payouts are more than $2200

As I'm not exspecting them to just release a mode that literally bypasses there microtransactions. (£69 quid for 8.5mil ingame credits)

1nsomniac1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

It is an odd one, as the obvious reason they have not released heists is due to the revenue they are making from their Shark Cards (whoever is stupid enough to buy them).

But then like you say heists you would imagine would leave the Shark Cards useless unless they do some kind of complete restructuring of payouts.

A normal job pays out on average between $10,000-12,000 so you think a heist would probably pay $100,000. I think they'll prob cap it down to $50,000.