Ign re-reviews the Wii U

IGN has taken to re-reviewing consoles to see how they stand up years after their launch. The publication has now decided to give the Wii U an 8/10 due to its excellent lineup of first party exclusives and lack of third-party support and under utilisation of the GamePad.

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DarXyde1205d ago

I'm glad IGN agrees that it's innovative and significant. The Wii U is a great console and totally underrated. An 8.0 is a little on the low side in my opinion, but it's within reason of where I'd rate it. I think, if you only own an XBOX One or PlayStation 4, you totally owe it to yourself to buy a Wii U to complement one of the other platforms.

Tiqila1205d ago

the exclusives are worth the purchase alone. But there is a lot more to the Wii U than that.

I recently found out about the homebrew channel. While I don't like to play SNES/N64 emulators on my PC, playing them on the Wii U with a classic controller really feels like you are playing on the original system.

Of course I'm not supporting piracy. Most of the time I buy the games I already own a second time for the virtual console or from the PSN Store (PS1&PS2). There are just a lot of games that are not purchable, like Chrono Trigger or Terranigma.

MasterCornholio1205d ago

Call me weird but I bought a 2DS to complement my PS4 and Vita. I'll get a Wii U once Zelda comes out though.

Concertoine1205d ago

3ds has more games and is cheaper. Theres like 25 must play 3ds games, i'd say 15 at most for wii u.

DivineAssault 1205d ago

8.5-9 imo.. Only a short while in & so many fantastic games for it.. Yes Nintendo sticks behind hardware wise but its perfectly fine if the games are great! I just hope theres more greatness to come from 3rd party & it doesnt end with bayo 2

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1205d ago

It's the strongest console of the 3 software-wise imo at the moment. That could change but not until February at the very least.

remixx1161205d ago

Hmm I we gonna be doing this every year ign? Cuz if that's the case then all 3 consoles better get higher and higher scores every year.

Mikefizzled1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

It shouldn't annoy me the title of this isn't capitalized IGN but it really does.