Alone in the Dark Review at Gameplayer - "downright schizophrenic"

Gameplayer has gone live with their take on the poorly received Alone in the Dark game form Eden Games. They are adamant that within the title there is a stack of great ideas, but ultimately their implementation results in frustating gaming.

"Another example of this ambition gone mad is a car chase that occurs when you first hit the streets of New York. As the ground behind you rapidly opens up like some kind of sentient earthquake, you're tasked with steering a speeding car to safety. You need to dodge traffic, take corners flawlessly, avoid collapsing architecture, line up perfect jumps, nick through gaps without hitting scenery and so on - and yet, one mistake is punished with instant Game Over and you're required to restart the entire sequence from the top. Argh."

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butterfinger3820d ago

Alone in the Dark may have been better off if they waited for the PS3 version to be ready for simultaneous release. These bad reviews can not be helping future sales one bit. A definite rental for me, though:)

SlappingOysters3820d ago

I had high hopes for Eden Games. Kya was pretty rad, and Test Drive: Unlimited was ahead of its time... but then this.

Oh well...

Wolf8733820d ago

this is not the Alone in the Dark I was expecting, it isn't scary at all. I mean when they first said that their inspiration was movies/shows like Lost, 24 and Die Hard, already I knew AITD wasn't going to be the same. Who the hell takes inspirations for a Horror game from action/adventure movies? But in itself the game is very good, a definite 7.0.