Buy an Xbox One console for just £269.99 at Tesco this Cyber Monday

Dealspwn: "Just looking for a good price on an Xbox One? Well Tesco will do you one for £269.99. "

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GameLover561394d ago

Awesome price already have one but still need another one

Articuno761394d ago

Likewise. Some really great prices and deals on the Xbox One recently.

Afterlife1394d ago

Nothing surprising. It's always on sale.

ScorpiusX1394d ago

Wow very cool price tag.

RedDevils1394d ago

Here I thought buy 1 x1 get 1 free lol

nosferatuzodd1394d ago

Wow xbox now in the bargain bin lol ms
Really desperate

The_KELRaTH1394d ago

Tesco decide on their prices not MS, just demonstrates the profit margins there is at the moment in the games industry.

Irrespective, if this price was good enough to get MS the lions share of the market then it's only good for the consumer.