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UnblessedSoul3820d ago

£40 for a controller wtf..

nofilter3820d ago

It's Wednesday, not Friday.

sunnygrg3820d ago

Good to be an American ;) Wink Wink.

coolfool3820d ago

£40?! You have got to be kidding? It's only something like $50 in the States. Whereas £40 is almost $80!

Surely they jest....they are going to surprise us and say "nah, it's actually only £30". That would be much more realistic.

achira3820d ago

lol, everything in the uk is more expensive, when you see it like this. you cant transfer prices 1 to 1, obviously.

scoobysnacks3820d ago

but then you've got to take into account this its the UK, England, Great Britain, or as any brit calls it "Rip Off Britain". This isn't just a Sony thing, everything here is expensive if you compare our prices to the USA. Take the global costs at the moment for fuel, (anyone from the US correct me if i'm far out), they pay approx $3.60 per gallon, whereas in comparison we pay nearly $9 per gallon (gallon = 3.8 x litre).

I'd suggest shop around on the internet, you'll probably find it cheaper. A friend of mine is an assistant manager in a game shop, so I can get 40% off the retail price (lucky break for me), but gaming ain't cheap these days, I wish it was.

coolfool3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Does someone think £40 is reasonable? Someone must get too much money!

I know prices from here to the states isn't 1 to 1 but even £30 would be more than the states (if you were assuming it was one to one).

I think I will import. I know a couple of sites that seem to get around duty (not really sure how) but the price they quote is what you pay.

(BTW Gas in the stats when I left a couple of weeks ago was about $4.29 a gallon for the budget stuff)

scoobysnacks3820d ago

how can someone disagree.....£40 is a lot......the mind boggles.

Fuel keeps going up, it was about $3.60 last time I was in florida, a good few months ago now though. It must average at about $4 per gallon depending on which state you live in.

And your correct, £30 is more than enough. The cheapest i've managed to find on the internet is on ebay, imported controllers via Hong Kong, just over £30.

Luckily i'll get mine local with the nice discount a friend can provide me, so i'll only end up paying £25.

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Gibsie3820d ago

Why so much?

i hate prices in the UK :(

butterfinger3820d ago

the DS3, because that price is ridiculous. I'm glad to see that our Euro friends (that haven't imported already) will be able to enjoy MGS4 to the fullest now:)

scoobysnacks3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Any item imported from the US that is over £18 in value, is subject to import tax. Most companies, once the item is in the UK, use Royal Mail. And guess what, royal mail impose a £9 handling fee on any item that has duty on it. So that initial saving you make from importing can go right out the window.

The cost for the dualshock 3 is $50, thats about £25. Your duty tax on it will be approx £6 when you import it because its over the £18 value, and then Royal Mails handling fee is £9.

Ohhh, isn't it ironic that the price when you add it all up is still £40, kind of makes you think they might of worked this one out.

If you can find a seller that doesn't use royal mail, so that handling fee isn't applied, then great, just be careful who you import from. (dont use Amazon, they use royal mail over here)

butterfinger3820d ago

Damn. That is pretty suspicious looking, I must admit. You could still save if you bought a used one:P

jtucker783820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I got my Dualshock 3 from Amazon ages ago... Came to £35 with postage etc.

I know this isn't a massive saving, but I've had it a while and I feel better that I haven't had to wait as I knew they would rip us off on the price.

Rip off Britain indeed. Months late and a lot more expensive too.

Vip3r3820d ago

You only pay import tax if it's over £40. I got my DS3 at xmas for £35 and I didn't get charged import tax.

scoobysnacks3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Then could you please explain this to HM Revenue & Customs

See website link below.

Also, Royal mail charge an international handling fee of £9 when imported goods are over the value of £18. Again, see the web link above, and under the heading of How the duty and tax will be collected?

'The Post Office may charge you for clearing your package through customs'. Which they do, as I made an order on (UK duty is applied as an extra when it arrives in this country), for the value of £25 (some dvd's but the value is about the same as a dualshock 3 controller), and it ended up costing me nearly £40 because of duty and post office handling fees.

If you imported it, then the price you paid of £35 must of included the duty and/or shipping charges, so yes you did pay duty, just that the company who sold it to you paid the duty for you.

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AngryHippo3820d ago

.....thats a bit of a steep price. I will be purchasing but i think i will import because that price is ridiculous for a controller.

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