The Pitch: Win Alphadia Genesis for Wii U + AO Games and Rare on Wii U

In this episode of The Pitch, Elia discusses the possibility of bringing adult, AO games to the Wii U. In addition, Elia talks about whether Nintendo should buy back Rare.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1358d ago

Are you freaking kidding me?
Of COURSE they should buy back Rare!

Not only would buying them back hold the possibility of attracting back the old hands that left during the acquisition, it might also give the chance of whatever spots aren't taken back by the old hands, being filled with capable NEW ones from inside Nintendo itself!

Plus, Banjo and Kazooie are home sick.
And car sick, for that matter.
They need to come back to where they were fully appreciated by the people creating their adventures.

If I were in Nintendo, I'd be the first to be planning a buy-back, if it's even possible.
Of at least a few of the franchises, if not the company in and of itself.