In-Game Chat Revealed?

TheSixthAxis: "Rumours only just now, obviously, but it looks like in-game chat has been revealed, via the first Trophy images published this morning. Obviously Eric couldn't show us this feature in his first video because it would also show Trophies (which he's saving for later)..."


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Super-Brad3824d ago

Not to debunk this rumour but in th recent video of the in-game xmb from the playstation blog, he gets a message from Jeff so he goes on the menu, you can see compare trophies and create message etc. but the start new chat is faded making it look un-clickable.
I hope it is there though but they may just took it off for that video?

nofilter3824d ago

Hadn't noticed that, thanks. Maybe that version of 2.40 that they had was old in more than one way - who knows?

I guess we'll see soon enough.

-EvoAnubis-3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

I just noticed that myself and came here to say so. I think we can call this rumor debunked. In case someone else wants to see it too, watch the vid and pause at the 56sec mark.

nofilter3824d ago

I wouldn't debunk it just yet, let's wait and see. There's loads of reasons why it's greyed out on the video, including the recipient might have disabled incoming Chat requests, for example.

-EvoAnubis-3824d ago

Yeah. Wait and see it is. Judging from what I'm seeing thus far, we won't be waiting long.

Kirstenlottesovs3824d ago

Could be pretty cool to get in-game video chat.. Like a box in the upper right corner showing the buddy's cam, would be fun while playing..

EDIT: lol, FW 2.40 havent even come out yet and im already starting to whine about new features.. GOOD JOB, ME!!

Qbanboi3824d ago

IMO i will be there. But i will ask you to quit the game to do so. But who knows maybe Sony could fix that on the future, they've doing great lately

rexor07173824d ago

However, some features require you to shut out of your game. This is probably one of them.

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tweaker3824d ago

Look at the date. 7/2 That's this Tuesday.

ActionBastard3824d ago

7/2 is Wednesday. Maybe they'll release it before the Store update?

tweaker3824d ago

Whoops I meant Wednesday. lol my mistake. Working overtime pass midnight is confusing my dates.

ActionBastard3824d ago

NP teaker! My heart broke a lil when I looked and saw it was Wed. Just trying to save you the hurt.

SL1M DADDY3824d ago

It's nice to see features like this coming to fruition and having not paid a cent for the service. Keep it coming Sony, make my experience on the PS3 even better! Free never felt so good!

ChrisGTR13824d ago

im pretty shure the ps3 already has the 'start a chat' feature. its the one that takes you to that one screen for video chat. im pretty shure if it was included he would of shown something as major as that.

nofilter3824d ago

It does, but this is in-game.

nutcase4u3824d ago

but it will take you out of the game if you decide to begin the chat. This feature will most likely bring you into the chat room that is currently available, but there's a chance that you could send an in game audio message under the "create a message" heading. It may give another option for audio message as opposed to just typing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.