PS4 Sells Over 800,000 Units in Japan in 40 Weeks; Might Make it to a Million in its First Year

Last week was the 40th after the release of the PS4 in Japan, and Sony’s console passed a milestone, selling a total of 809,074 units in the country and passing the 800,000 mark.

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RDF1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Impressive. Especially considering that the JPN market is heavly leaning towards mobile. *Tips Hat*

TheRedButterfly1353d ago

Considering how pro-sony Japan is, I wouldn't consider it /THAT/ impressive. Still, with a population that "small," 800K is nothing short of an accomplishment.

vishmarx1353d ago

itll easily get to a million.
jpn games for feb/march are
the order
dragon quest
yakuza 0
god eater 2
disgaea 5
dragon ball z
and probably some others that forgetting

nosferatuzodd1353d ago

Lol bias much japans nintendo home ground and moble phones domain that is a great accomplishment plus japan
Has 130million ppl you called that small

ABizzel11353d ago

It's a great feat, but it would be even better if the majority of those sales weren't because of launch alone.

The real showing will be 2015, when there are big AAA JP games out. We'll have to see if those sales grow, and if it does then JP is holding steady for another generation, if not, then JP is shrinking, and is going to be replaced by growing markets.

DOMination-1353d ago

Japan has nearly double the population of the UK which reached 1 million in sales swveral months ago. This figure in their home territory is not impressive

ShinMaster1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Just because no one cares about Xbox in Japan, Mr. I have an Xbox controller for a profile pic, doesn't mean that Japan is "pro-Sony" any more than they are pro-Nintendo. Xbox is just uninteresting to them.

badz1491353d ago

selling consoles in Japan has really become a challenge these days due to the market already heavily leaning towards portables especially the 3DS. having 1 mil sold for the year is a great achievement considering the challenges faced by the declining console market and strong dominance of Nintendo over there.

even Sony and Nintendo are scrapping for sales in Japan, so at this rate, it's almost certain that the Xbone will be the worst selling Xbox ever in Japan when all is said and done.

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TheRedButterfly1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

-_- double post... damn... wasted my last bubble ;-;

Spotie1353d ago

Don't worry.

You wasted the first one, too.

Given the decline in the popularity of home consoles in Japan, a million in the first year would be VERY impressive.

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nyobzoo1353d ago

I can see them selling over a million it's first year due to the GTAIV and DQ:Heroes PS4 coming out soon

Abriael1353d ago

For DQ:Heroes The game itself is gonna be released on Feb 26th, so that'll be past the first year. As for the console, I doubt it'll boost numbers much, because it's a very limited edition.

TheLordOfStuff1353d ago

"Sony’s console passed a milestone, selling a total of 809,074 units in the country and passing the 800,000 mark."

Ok I'm not usually that guy (I have given crap to that guy many times) but...

The way this is written hurts my soul.

Flame suit on.

Christopher1353d ago

Just in case you didn't know, 809,074 > 800,000. That's essentially how I read those type of sentences. Like they think I suddenly forgot which number is greater.

Bigpappy1353d ago

Dah! It has no competition there. No one there has interest in X1, even if free, and the Wii-U appeals to a different type of gamer.

Tony-A1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

That does not, by any means whatsoever, take away from the fact that it's reaching that milestone, nor does it take away from how impressive it is.

Japan is always moving. That's why handhelds are huge there. For them to be able to sit down and play a console that has little to offer to that market is an accomplishment under any light.

Dark111353d ago

40 Weeks just for 800,000 Units? didn't know things were this bad in japan .. at least the ps4 is selling well worldwide.

CryofSilence1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

The console market in Japan is practically dead. They're all about the mobile games now. PS4 might have a chance to revive the console market there slightly.

blackblades1353d ago

This guy is slow, the disagrees proves it. No one say a word why we disagree.

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