Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zer0 Sum Review | Front Towards Gamer

Yes, this is a Borderlands title, through-and-through. And even if it’s made by Telltale, it wouldn’t be right to abandon the splashes that makes the series’ large cast of characters so memorable. The big difference here is that unlike previous Telltale releases that center around one character (be they Marty McFly, Lee Everett, or Bigby Wolf), in Tales from the Borderlands, there are two. The aforementioned Rhys is a cowardly, arrogant Hyperion employee (with just enough intelligence to get by) whose design evokes recurring antagonist Handsome Jack in many ways. Complementing the Hyperion agent is Fiona, a Pandoran grifter that plays to Borderlands‘ space-western aesthetics more than any character in the series prior.

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