Nintendo's Future: A Link to the Past

In 2003 the landscape of gaming was looking positive for Nintendo; they had recently released Ruby and Sapphire the third generation of games in the Pokémon franchise and they were about to release The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, a flagship title for the GameCube. However there were reasons for Nintendo to be nervous.

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KilKarazy1328d ago

Honestly it may be wise for nintendo to move to strictly publishing games. I don't think they'll ever have another wii

RSKnight1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I agree with KilKarazy. People who oppose to the idea of Nintendo doing a Sega keep saying that having their own consoles makes the sowftware more profitable since they don't have to pay anything to other console manufactures like Sony, Microsoft or even Valve(Steam). That's true, but also myopic and short sighted. The cost of developing software is a 100% fixed cost, you create the software and once it's done it's done. It's not like selling a physical product that each additional sale goes with it's respective production cost. So saying that Nintendo should not sell their games on other consoles just for the sake of not sharing the revenue with others is naive. Nintendo has great software but they limit them selves by making it only for their own consoles, which are not that good in the first place, limiting the overall sales and revenue that they could gain from the software they worked so hard to develop. And the other part is related with 3rd party software, which is supposed to give revenue to Nintendo by sharing part of the sales price, hence the importance of being a console manufacturer, but in the case of Nintendo one would have to ask the question: What 3rd party software? And the proof is in their annual reports, having loss after loss, with some few but small profits here and there. Also the argument that Nintendo only develops for their own consoles because their hardware is somehow "special" or "unique" is plain BS. SM3DW, Mario Kart 8, Zelda Wind Waker HD, etc. etc. could work perfectly on any other console/PC with no limitations. I'm 100% sure that if Nintendo could forget about making their own consoles and open to sell their software for all platforms they will multiply their sales and profits by at least 3 times, with out increasing their development costs by much, or even reducing their total cost by eliminating all console related costs. And those who say that Sega isn't doing well by going the publisher way, remember that Nintendo has the content and characters that Sega doesn't.

wonderfulmonkeyman1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

"Having loss after loss"
You must have missed the news: NINTENDO IS BACK TO MAKING NET PROFITS.

Also, no one buys a PS4 or XBone for Nintendo-like games.
And they wouldn't sell there, either; the fact that Nintendo's games, as many and as great as most of them are, aren't convincing people to plunk down the cheapest current-gen-console-price for it, shows that they just aren't interested in Nintendo's games and would not buy them for anything over $40, if that.
In fact, many of the people out there who own a PS4 and/or XBone but not a Wii U, that take time out of their day to waltz around insulting the Wii U, make a point of declaring how "immature", "Kiddy", and "casual" many of Nintendo's core titles are.
That's evidence enough that they wouldn't prioritize Nintendo's titles enough for Nintendo to make any substantial profit off of them.

These are the people you're proposing Nintendo try to sell their games to; not the minority that would buy them wherever they go.
Most PS4 and XBone gamers are too busy saving up for the next entry in games like Cod or Uncharted or Halo, etc etc etc.
They wouldn't put down full price for a Mario game if it interfered with their main purchases, and buying used, because, as many of them don't think Nintendo's games are worth full purchase price anymore, they definitely would, would only ensure that Nintendo's ability to fund its own titles goes straight down the drain, in the long run, because they'd be told by these other console manufacturers to make their games faster to compensate for the lower profits they'd be making off of the games.
Which would only result in far buggier and far less quality titles being released one after another.

Also, your argument that the hardware doesn't matter, is complete BULLSHIT.
You are not going to find a controller on the market outside of the game pad that can make use of Amiibos, offer instant, seamless off-TV play and local multiplayer right out of the box, or give the same kinds of fantastic conveniences in gameplay that the game pad offers when used correctly.

Nintendo is able to take their time and do things their way, and to make their games so unique and awesome, BECAUSE they stick to their own consoles, with no pressures from other manufacturers to conform to the way the rest of the industry develops their own games.

Yes, they could benefit from a more powerful console than the Wii U.

But going third party IS A DEATH SENTENCE that is best left avoided, in favor of MAKING THEIR OWN powerful console.

But none of this is going to make any sort of sense to someone that obviously doesn't like Nintendo's games being outside of their own system, so here's a better argument;

Get Sony to put a new entry of InFamous on the Wii U.
Built from the Ground up for the system so that it's actually good, instead of a messy, late, content-deficient port.
Same with Microsoft and Halo.

Only once you've found a good reason for them to do that, should Nintendo ever have a reason to put their own first party money-makers elsewhere.
Nintendo's financial straits aren't NEARLY dire enough to be quitting the console business.
And certainly not nearly as bad as the losses seen, for MANY MORE YEARS RUNNING, by the other two.

It isn't gonna happen.
Because they know, as Nintendo knows, that putting your big money makers elsewhere when you're not anywhere NEAR out of the console races, is just retarded.

Quit asking for it.
Quit wishing for it.
Get a Nintendo system for your Nintendo games, and quit port begging.

RSKnight1327d ago


First let me tell you that I agree with you in the way that we both want Nintendo to succeed, I'm not a Nintendo hater, quite the contrary, it makes me sad to see how the company that once was the leader in video games has become irrelevant, just as Nolan Bushnell predicted a few years ago. But I disagree in your way of thinking.

Regarding Nintendo latest profits, no, I didn't missed the news, but one positive report in a long trend of negative ones is not what I will call "back into net profits", If Nintendo can stay in the positive for a full year then I will be convinced. Also you have to notice that Nintendo has been closing offices all over the world making savings that show in early reports but eventually hurt the company in the long run, so I'll wait and see how that turns out for Nintendo.

When you say Nintendo games wouldn't sell on a PS or Xbox because no one buys those consoles for Nintendo-like games, you believe that based on negative comments from trolls and fan boys, but those are a very small minority. When the owners of a PS or Xbox also buy a Nintendo console for the Nintendo games (which is usually the case for Nintendo consoles being bought as an additional console) is the proof that all these gamers actually want Nintendo games. I can assure you that none of them are happy having to invest another $300 just for an additional console to be able to play the next Mario game, they will buy it for their Xbox or PS immediately if Nintendo games were available on those consoles. And will be paying full price for those games.

Also I see you have fallen in the trap of Nintendo making you believe that the Wii U is the cheapest current-gen console when Nintendo insists that the Wii U offers the best value. That's actually the opposite and most people don't fall in that trick. You see, value is not just the price amount you pay for something, is the result of what you get for what you pay for. The Wii U is the cheapest, yes, but the difference in price is very small compared to the huge difference in what you get, which is a lot less. You called the Wii U a "current-gen" console, but despite being current in the way that it is what Nintendo offers today, it's seen as a late last-gen console to most people, and here is the most important part: a very expensive and very late "last-gen" one.

When gamers buy a console, a very important factor to determine "value" is the library of games available, and most people don't have the money to buy two or more consoles, so they have to choose and most of the time they choose some other console instead of the Wii U not because they don't care for Nintendo games, but because they see less value on the Wii U.

You say my argument that the hardware doesn't matter and that all I say is complete bullshit, well, what you call hardware differences are just gimmicks, and you know it. Gimmicks are short lived novelties and nothing more. Gimmicks don't give sustained sales for the long run. Take the Xbox Kinect and PS Move for example, just gimmicks. Amiibos? another gimmick, like some sort of physical DLC, you know that by next year nobody will use them.

RSKnight1327d ago


Now, were I strongly disagree with you is with your last points.

You say the reason Nintendo is able to create unique and awesome games is because they stick to their own consoles. So you actually say that there is no way possible for third party developers to create unique and awesome games too? There is no way for someone, like say Rockstar or Valve, to be able to create awesome games just because they don't make consoles? There is no way possible for games like Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime or Mario Galaxy to have been that awesome if they were made for some other console? Seriously? Going third party is a death sentence, so Rockstar, Valve, EA, Activision, etc, etc, are destined to die? Really?

Also you think that by Nintendo making their own consoles their somehow magically insulated from the rest of the gaming industry so they can have "no pressures from other manufacturers" and keep doing things "their own way". This you just said is what I call the biggest CANCER in any company, no matter what industry they are. There is no such thing as "no pressure" from competitors. Each and every company that has believed they don't compete has disappeared. If I have told you in 2007 that in less than 5 years nobody will be buying the Blackberry would you believed me? If I have told you a few years ago that Kodak will disappear completely will you believed me? If I have told you 10 years ago that IBM will no longer be producing PCs will you believed me? And you know what all these had in common? They all thought they were "unique" and that they didn't compete with others. They all thought they were "safe" and will remain in business forever. Well guess what, they were wrong. Every time I hear Satoru Iwata say that Nintendo does not compete with other consoles, PCs or mobile gaming, I die a little. When I heard Miyamoto saying that what other companies do is boring, I died a little more. Nintendo executives have reach that point where they actually believe their own bullshit, and that is very dangerous. I've heard Reggie saying that Nintendo is OK without third party games, that they don't need them. That this makes the Wii U more special and unique, "the Nintendo difference" he called it.

That's uber crap. Nintendo is trying to justify their incompetence by bullshiting them selves into believing that it's actually a good thing not to have third party games. That goes against all logic and business sense. The hole purpose of making your own console is to provide a platform for third party developers. You don't make a console to sale your own games, you can sale them anywhere. The business in having a console is the shared revenues from third party software. Plain and simple.

RSKnight_continues1327d ago

(Note: I'm the same user RSKnight, I just run out of characters and bubbles, and I still wanted to finish my thoughts regarding why I think Nintendo will be OK getting out of consoles.)


You said that I should try to find a reason for Sony and Microsoft to put their own games on other platforms, are you crazy? Of course they won't do that, their current-gen consoles are braking sales records compared to previous generations. They are getting the support from all third party developers, and their own games are what differentiates one console from the other. But this is not the case for Nintendo. Each generation of Nintendo consoles sale less and less, with the Wii being an anomaly. And I say it's an anomaly because it had great hardware sales and at the same time a very low software to hardware ratio. Despite being the best sold console, third party developers noticed that their games didn't sale on the Wii and most abandon it. And now the Wii U completely lacks any third party support. There is no sense for Nintendo to keep doing games for their own consoles if they can not get the third parties. There is no business sense to keep doing consoles for this simple reason. That's why I say that Nintendo is now limiting their own software sales by making them for their own consoles, again, you don't make a console just to sale your own software.

Also you say that Nintendo financial problems aren't as bad as the losses the other two have shown for many more years. In the case of Sony I agree they are a mess as a hole company, but the PlayStation division has actually being doing very well. Sony should separate the PlayStation division to let it have more freedom and truly shine, but that's an argument for some other day. Microsoft as a hole has been doing great since almost ever, but the Xbox had a major problem in the 360 era mostly to the RROD, which was a huge mistake not to fix it as soon as it started, Microsoft let that problem continue for about 4 or 5 years costing them literally billions. Nintendo still has a lot of money in the bank, and most people think that they can keep going for decades with that money. Even if that's true, you don't run a business to lose money, and if Nintendo keeps doing the same things they will keep loosing money to the point of eventually going bankrupt. And continue to make consoles for just selling their own games will keep them loosing money.

So finally (this has been a long post, sorry but I had to take this out of my system), I'll conclude in your own way by saying:

Quit thinking Nintendo is doing fine, they are not. Each console generation their sales shrink and shrink and now they have been abandoned by the third party developers. That's not even near to doing fine.

Quit thinking Nintendo is able to do things their own way, without pressure from other companies in the industry. The pressure is there and is very, very real.

Let's hope Nintendo makes a freaking awesome console with all the third parties back, or they better start considering doing a "Sega".

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3-4-51327d ago

Who do you guys really work for?

Tiqila1328d ago

lol, the comparison between zelda: the wind waker and the cartoon series power puff girls...

enewton_7671328d ago

I was just comparing the animation style not the content obviously haha, those thick black outlines and bold colours.

Tiqila1328d ago

you were comparing them to emphasize that the targeted audience were younger gamer.

enewton_7671326d ago

No I was comparing the animation style and justifying an opinion echoed on forums at the time.