Amazon Cyber Monday 2014 Deals to Feature Xbox One Assassin's Creed Console Bundle with Bonus


"Amazon's Cyber Monday 2014 video game deals event is about to kick off this evening at 3:00 sharp!

Amazon has begun listing their lightning deals, and it appears that at 3:00 they will be featuring the Xbox One Assassin's Creed Bundle. They mention it as $70 off, but we are hoping they repeat their Black Friday deal. During Thanksgiving Day, Amazon offered the bundle but with a 12 Month Xbox LIVE card and 2 additional games (4 games total).

For those that missed out on that amazing deal, their is still a good chance it will be repeated on Cyber Monday 2014 at Amazon!"

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MSBAUSTX1330d ago

Lol someone troll disagreed you. How culd anyone disagree with you unless they are against XB? This is a great deal though.

No_Limit1330d ago

There are many people that are against XB1 no surprise for the downvote.

This is a great deal and deals are good regardless of brand of choice.

1330d ago
enduro1329d ago

The "bonus" being including a game that actually works?