It's Way Too Early To Call a Black Friday Winner Between PS4 and Xbox One

Yesterday the market research firm Infoscout published its data about console purchases for Black Friday in the United States, showcasing a wide margin victory of the Xbox One, but is the competition already settled?

Not quite, especially considering the methodology used for the poll.

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Eonjay1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I think this goes without saying. According to them, somehow SSB sold nothing and Madden beat everything including COD while outselling GTA V, Halo, and Pokemon, combined. This is beyond belief.

XBLSkull1389d ago

Typical sensational headline from dualshockers. Too early would have been on black Friday. It's Sunday evening.

llxKonanxll1389d ago

Not sensational at all. Does anyone have accurate sales of consoles sold through consumers on Black Friday?

Eonjay1389d ago

This article that if references came out yesterday. Its based on receipts scanned with an app I have never used and it doesn't track online sales.

Mr Pumblechook1389d ago

In the UK and Europe and other EMEA territories and Japan and Asia it's not to early to call, and you don't need me to say who because you already know.

TFJWM1389d ago

Isn't the whole Thanksgiving Weekend what really matters?

Thanksgiving when the deals started till Cyber monday total sales is more important then who sold more on Black Friday imo

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1389d ago

This "report" is based on a sampling of 182,000 people who bought consoles. It's hardly accurate. You may as well use Facebook or Twitter and ask people which console did they buy on Black Friday.

Yaay4me1389d ago

Sensational would be ifthey declaired a "winner" before the results were in. They clearly are not doing that.

SoapShoes1389d ago

What's interesting is the GTA bundle quickly sold out and launched it up to 17th best selling system of the month. In two days it sold more than the regular PS4 that month!

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ABizzel11389d ago

BF sales could be either way, but I'd put my money on the XBO since it had the lower price $330 (aka $170 off the original asking price), and at least two games and several stores also offering $50 gift cards. For the average consumer the XBO was the better deal saving them $70, or at best netting them a $50 gift card as well. That being said I do't think it's going to be a big difference, due to the PS4 having "GTA5" + TLoUs, a couple $50 gift cards bonuses, and still being the more popular console. I'd guess the PS4 was around 1m, while the XBO was around 1m - 1.2m. The price drop really helped XBO, and I want to see what happens when they raise the price back up (I think they're going back down to $350 by March / May).

I think XBO won November NPD, heading into Black Friday it had a 200k console lead. November NPD XBO = 2m, PS4 = 1.6m.

Worldwide PS4 won November without question. Global sales PS4 = 3.3m, XBO = 2.8m

Kingdomcome2471389d ago

If your numbers are even close to accurate on the worldwide side, that's really good. Great numbers from both. You'd have to imagine they'll both do a couple million more at least in December.

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zeuanimals1389d ago


I really don't understand why people think competition is "both doing well". That's the Kindergarten "everybody's a winner" basketball league definition of the word competition.

"All of them doing well is good for consumers..." Right, then what's the point of them doing anything good for us if they know we're just gonna buy whatever crap they throw at us because it's good that they do well because "competition". If everyone thought the way you do and just supported every console and every dumb decision these companies may make, then gaming is going to go to hell because these companies will get away with EVERYTHING.

We speak with our wallets and if something isn't good enough for us, then we don't buy it. That tells the company to turn the ship around so we have a good reason to buy it. That's what's good for us, not propping up companies for the sake of having them be relevant.

The funny thing is, a ton of people think the way you do when things aren't that bad in the industry (like right now), but when things get MS E32013 levels of terrible, you want the real type of competition to straighten whichever company is at fault out, and that type of competition got things done.

And if the leading console manufacturer gets too cocky and doesn't do anything worthwhile, then the competitors will most likely take advantage of this and the leader will humble the hell out.

So everyone who doesn't understand this simple fact, understand it already because it's getting annoying hearing this every so often.

Xb1ps41389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

It's too early to call a winner but it's soon enough to call a loser! And that loser is.....

The ones still on the fence for either console...

TheXgamerLive1389d ago

Hahahahahaha so says the PlayStation website. This one is an obvious Xbox One holiday. Xbox One is everywhere being talked about and selling PS 4 is not.

TheMeatPuppet0071389d ago

Well, there sure is an overkill of Madden NFL 15 commercials that come on during the football games......

thewhiteelephant1389d ago

honestly you guys all act like most marketing departments don't take polls the sane way and extrapolate the data. better educate yourselves

Gamer19821389d ago

its not about SSB not selling but since it fell on black friday it had no discount unless bundled. In fact the gamecube controller adapter bundle actually was more expensive on black friday due to low stock initially at launch and nintendo saying they are not making anymore adapters. So the adapters are now like golddust.

However I do feel pretty much everybody who was going to play smash has pretty much got a wiiu by now. Looking at facebook over the last week I didn't see one person saying they were buying or bought a wiiu but plenty buying ps4s and some xbox. I'm from the UK so it may be differn't in the US but since last gen we been a lot like the US in terms of sales (not numbers just trends).

callahan091389d ago

I went to 2 stores on Black Friday (both Target stores, about 10 miles from one another) at about 3pm and 4pm. Between the two of them, they had no PS4s in stock, and only 1 Xbox One in stock (it was the bundle that included Kinect, they had none of the 329 version in stock). Based on that anecdotal evidence, both seem to have been selling pretty good.

TheXgamerLive1388d ago

Again I laugh. Sales reports are rocketing in on the success of Xbox One sales. Theirs no contest as far as black Friday went and I feel this Xmas holiday. MS is on it.

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yarbie10001389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Watching the Amazon hourly sales jump back and forth doesn't tell you much. A better indicator is the monthly sales i'd think - Month of Nov for Amazon

FITgamer1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

So many SKUs for both PS4/XB1 available and selling out, it's not really a good indicator right now either. That being said i still stand by original prediction and think the XB1 will edge out the victory for November NPD.

jukins1389d ago

i'd be hella surprised if xb1 didnt win npd for november. a price drop to $349 earlier in the month and this weekend as low as $299.

gfk3421389d ago

MS definitely won Nov. They did everything they could to won this month, among which:
- sell the X1 at a dumping price (as low as $299 with two games), just to be sure they will beat PS4;
- they accepted a financial loss (giving the console almost free) just to be sure they will beat PS4;
- they based their sale on a bundle with AC Unity. Curiously X1 is the platform with the least bugs, being thus the more appealing option. So here they did everything they could just to beat PS4.

The above clearly shows the desperation of MS in their desire of winning a month. However, the most interesting thing will be to see the difference in sales. If MS doesn't sell double than Sony, then their efforts were for nothing.

Even if MS said that the console sale is a marathon, their business decision shows that they tried very hard to accelerate the sales just like in a sprint. The question is how much could they keep this policy?

SoapShoes1389d ago

The GTA bundle was #1 the whole time till it sold out and on the monthly chart it actually sold more than the regular PS4 did the whole month on Amazon. It was also #1 at GameStop and WalMart.

Even if Xbox sells more this month it won't be a landslide and it's a shallow victory. It shows the value of the brand and it's not worth as much as the competition.

zeuanimals1389d ago

They definitely won, but they're gonna lose a ton of steam as soon as the price goes back up after the holidays. Might be a good idea for another permanent price drop, especially since early next year is really strong for the PS4 and fairly weak for the XBO.

ramiuk11389d ago

I have ps4 and i love it,i want an xbox but nothing yet has pulled me in to have both consoles.

but i really hope MS has sold more because if they havent then there is a serious issue with consumer desire for the unit,because if 5 games and the sunset overdrive white console for £339 isnt pulling you in then nothing will.

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u4one1389d ago

amazon is not a good metric for total sales considering the vast amount of skus and the fact that those charts are regional based on a cdn. you are missing all the sales from best buy, game stop, babbages,euronics, dixon, saturn, alibaba (who is exponentially larger than amazon by sheer volume) not to mention other online retailers and the list goes on and on.

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chrissx1389d ago

Ps4 is winning in the grand scheme of things

RosweeSon1389d ago

Yeah exactly unless Black Friday has accounted for over 7 million console sales for xbox one (I can't see it myself) then I dunno why this is all such a big deal, they did the sales figures for both consoles barely days ago I'll stick with them for now, not that it matters I made my decision before the actual console was shown, PS4 all the way and yea I jumped from xbox 360 after 9 years (admitedly a bit of PS3 on and off I had a launch PS3 then that broke after a few years, got another one recently) but over here in the U.K at least the main xbox one bundles getting discounted were the ones that have the shambles of a game Assassins Creed Unity, no thanks, of all the games I would have included with a console it wouldn't be that or FIFA, great at the time but the games ain't gonna be worth nothing in barely a year and therefore those bundles aren't great in my opinion I want bundles with games you wouldn't nornally consider selling throughout the duration of a consoles lifespan, mario kart, smash bros of halo collection or grand theft auto 5, something of proper quality, can't believe I just said halo haha, not a massive fan myself but that collection is a great bundle even if it is having problems at the mo.

Illusive_Man1389d ago

Sure, but Sony isn't. Microsoft is winning in the grand scheme of things.

Im predicting Microsoft keeps the price around $349 and lower. That's a great price point IMHO.

SoapShoes1389d ago

How are they not, global sells far eclipse the X1 and it's ahead in all regions so far even if they lose one or two months.

CaptainObvious8781389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

In what universe is MS winning in the grand scheme of things? They're losing is sales, they're losing in games, they're losing in hardware. How the hell can you make such a statement? You've crossed the realm from fanboyism to insanity.

I swear every time I see your name in the comment section I keep an open mind, but I think what utterly stupid and incorrect statement are you going to make this time.

You never prove me wrong.

Bigpappy1389d ago

Winning the U.S is a huge deal for M$ and Sony. If Xbox takes a sizable lead in the U.S, they will have a lot of influence over 3rd party developers.

BiggerBoss1389d ago

I dont see Xbox ever taking a sizable lead in the US like they did last gen. Both consoles launched at the same time and the Ps4 is currently a million units ahead.

Even if the Xbox one ends up outselling the Ps4 in the US it will be by a small margin, nowhere near last gens US landslide

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kstap331389d ago

PS4 is doing well. Hopefully they can keep it up. Lord knows Sony needs all the revenue they can get. Competition is good... need all players to survive and flourish.

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mhunterjr1389d ago

Why even try to call it? Just wait for official reports...

But even then, why care so much?

u4one1389d ago

agreed. be happy with what you got. if it sells more than the other it doesn't make it better and of you are already enjoying what you have, you shouldn't really care what the other guys are doing. thanks for the invite btw. just got the app installed.

BiggerBoss1389d ago

Because last gen 360 fanboys made fun of Ps3 for selling less, so this gen Ps4 fanboys make fun of XB1 for selling less, so now XB1 fanboys cant wait to "win" black friday and taunt ps4 owners.

Its a vicious cycle of pointless Trolling

SilentNegotiator1389d ago

Then there's Microsoft themselves, banking on Black Friday sales to convince their investors that Xbone isn't struggling against the competition.

Conzul1389d ago

Yeah they'll probably both *win*.

mhunterjr1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

If anyone from dual shockers is reading this, there are some flaws in your analysis.

You shouldn't discredit the accuracy of this method based on last years November NDP. The PS4 was largely out of stock on Black Friday, so naturally XB1s numbers would have been disproportionately high on that day. This year, both consoles are readily available everywhere.

Secondly, there's nothing wrong with the fact that the entire sample wasn't console related. In fact it makes for a better sample because it guages the general publics intent to purchase game consoles.

That said, I still don't know why we trip out over these numbers...

Dudebro901389d ago

Uh oh, you just called out Abriael....Your gonna get an earful lol.

I agree though. You are completely right.

Abriael1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

1: the PS4 being "largely out of stock" (which isn't entirely true, there definitely was plenty of stock, it just went out of stock during the day, but so did the Xbox One in most cases). Doesn't mean that Xbox One numbers would have been disproportionally high, but that PS4 numbers would have been disproportionally low.
2: The problem isn't that the "entire sample" isn't console related. It's that the console related sample probably relatively small if last year's data is any indication, and it isn't indicated, while it should be.

mhunterjr1389d ago

1) Xbox disproportionately high/ ps4 disproportionately low... We're arguing semantics. Either way, last year the idea that xb1 outsold the ps4 on Black Friday in the US is not far fetched once you consider that Sony was simply unable to meet demand, and people that wanted a ps4, had a MUCH harder time finding ones. With that being known, the idea that a Black Friday sample could accurately predict overall sales for the month was inherently flawed. That flaw doesn't exist this year, because both products are readily available.

2) the size of console related sample is irrelevant, as the overall sample is more than large enough to be statistically reliable as a general representation of consumers who shopped for electronics on Black Friday. And even if we needed a console specific sample (which we don't), It can be reasonably assumed that at least 1000 of those 180000 customers bought a console. (1000 being universally accepted minimum sample size)

Abriael1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

1) you're talking anecdotal reference there, hardly justifying over 2:1 proportion.
2)the size of console relevant sample is definitely relevant when talking.... consoles.
"universally accepted" is pretty laughable. Minimum sample size for a relevant poll depends on the total size of the demographic you want to measure. You're not gonna have a relevant worldwide poll with 1000 people in five billion.

You're free to trust a poll that doesn't even give you full data on the sample. Personally, I'll wait for more relevant data from NPD.

mhunterjr1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Abriael, you seem to lack a general understanding of how sampling works. Let's say I'm interested in comparing the popularity of candidate A to candidate B, and I ask 180,000 people who they voted for. That sample is large enough to assume that the results of my sample will accurately depict which candidate was the more popular of the two. The fact that the majority actually chose candidate C is irrelevant. Now, replace candidate A with PS4, replace candidate B with XB1, and replace candidate C with the various other electronics people could have purchased. The fact that most consumers surveyed bought neither console, doesn't invalidate the sample. It just means most consumers bought neither, but more likely bought the xb1 than the ps4.

And there is nothing laughable about the 1000 sample size statement. If you've ever taken A single statistics class you'd have heard it before.

PS, for a poulation of 5billion, a 1067 person sample would give you a confidence level of 95% with a 3% margin of error... That said 1000, is more than enough for Black Friday console sales in the US.

jrshankill1389d ago

"The PS4 was largely out of stock on Black Friday"

LMAO. Seriously? That's what people now believe?

This is atrociously retarded.