PS4 Year One: The Moments That Defined A Console

MMGN writes: It’s been a year since the release of the PlayStation 4. Can you believe it? It’s been a wonderful 12 months for Sony’s fourth home console, with impressive sales and a strong lineup of exclusives to come over the next 12-24 months.
With 13.5 million consoles sold to date, it’s far and away the most popular home console on the market at the moment. Hitting store shelves on November 29, 2013, it hit the ground running despite a somber launch lineup. What’s defined Sony’s slick black box?

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Killzoner991326d ago

What an amazing year it has been. There's never been a first year in a consoles life like the one the PS4 had and 2015 is going to be 10X better. If you thought the PS4 was dominating now you ain't seen nothin yet.

cruzngta1326d ago

Im gonna trade my Bone and all its games 2morrow and get myself a 2nd PS4...the Glacier White system is badass. Done with the Bone didnt play it much and ill be able to get a few of the newer games I hadnt picked up yet for my ps4. Im going all in with sony and never looking back. PS4 games look more realistic while xb1 games have a over saturated cartoonish look to them. Just saying. The white ps4 in the computer room and the black one in the living room. 2 beasts under one is bring on uncharted, bloodborne and the order.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1326d ago

What moments have defined the PS4?

This game was free for PS Plus members back in Febuary of this year and it ushered in a new era of survival horror for the PS4.

Infamous Second Son with Photo Mode
Infamous Second Son is the first game that makes use of the PS4's hardware. It is a visual masterpiece with amazing lighting and particle effects and photo mode helped to show the world what the PS4 can actually do.

The Last Of Us Remastered
This game pushed the PS3 to it's limits and bringing it to the PS4 was undeniably, one of the best moments of the year. The game is an epic of unrivaled quality. If you haven't played this game yet, YOU MUST!

This teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills, is another survival horror masterpiece and it was nothing more than a DEMO. It has been downloaded over 1 million times since it was introduced.

No need to explain. Sharing games with your friends without leaving the house is definitely a game changer for the PS4.

There have been a few fumbles on the road to 2015, issues with PSN and DriveClub. It's another stunning game, but it's online features were completely broken.

The PS4 is probably at or slightly above 16 million. 18 million is right around the corner.

If you're thinking about getting one, now is the time. There are deals everywhere unless you're going to try and wait for the price to drop. The system is still selling like crack so a price drop won't happen until next holiday season.