Amazon Cyber Monday Video Game Deals: Lightning Deal Details and More


"Amazon continues their Cyber Monday video game deals on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, 3DS, PC, and PS Vita platforms with new additions to their featured deals and competitive price matches for Sunday - Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday Video game deal highlights (and lightning deals) details on all platforms included!"

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spaceinvader1394d ago

looks like amazon is not going to disappoint. Hope they have a PS4 console promo as well...

KevWriter1394d ago

It looks like they ran out of the $399 GTA V bundle and won't have back in stock until 12/2. And they are not allowing you to order it - you have to pay the third party price of $499. So, not sure who screwed up, Sony or Amazon, but it doesn't look like they will be offering good deals until they quit with the third party crap and let people order the $399 bundle again.

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AutoCad1394d ago

Anyone know of a sale on ps plus cards?

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Such trash that every retailers decided to ignore it this time around befause they know a sizable amout of people wait around for it.

xwilldemise1393d ago

Ugh! I've been waiting for this deal to come about but unlike last year, no retailer seems to have it on sale, wthhh

d3nworth11394d ago

Everytime they say lighting deals I keep thinking of Final Fantasy 13

DragonKnight1393d ago

Same here, I was like "who wants a deal on that piece of crap, and old, game?"

jayuchia1394d ago

Like I am a huge ps vita fan and I want to believe there is still hope but I feel sony is giving up on the handheld. I have bought a lot of games for the system , games such as: AC3 Liberation, DBZ battle of Z, Soul Sacrifice, Street fighter X Tekken, The Walking Dead, Mortal Kombat, Madden, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Need for Speed, GOW collection, Borderlands 2, killzone mercenary, Little Big Planet, Playstation All stars, a lot of minis and a few psp games and that's too name a few. But even after all those purchases and moments of pure enjoyment I have come to see the push and excitement behind the games coming out as of late nearly disappear all together . Sure indies are cool, some are really good, but to have a majority of games to be indies is unacceptable . Why cant sony listen to the hearts and demands of fans such as me and millions more. The psp had plenty of exclusives for familiar franchises. The psp had yugioh, madden, 2knba, wrestling, baseball, kingdom hearts, naruto, bleach, midnight club, fight night, gta , gow, final fantasy, and so much more. Why cant they duplicate that feeling of when you first bought a psp and was like wow look at this !!! a portable gta. Little moments like that were so huge to many . The ps vita has the hardware , has the audience , has a purpose but not the support it needs. When was the last time you saw a psvita exclusive commercial ? Where are the triple AAA games that we are familiar with here in the states. Japan has games we will never see such as Jstars victory check it out. But all we get on psvita now is jrpg's not saying there bad but we need more diversity. I personally have been waiting for a nba 2k game forever. Or a kingdom hearts game, gta all the games psp had as exclusives but new with a ps vita style. I know some may see this post as a rant or just overlook it all together. But if your a psvita fan and want to see it prevail , I suggest everyone starts sharing there support and take the time out to write a polite comment, post, tweet, etc. of how you feel. Gamers really have to UNITE!!!

spaceinvader1394d ago

agreed... they were promoting the heck out of it last black Friday/cyber Monday too. Not a peep really this year.

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Rockets121394d ago

You're missing quite a lot of good games. Heck you're even missing arguably the best game on the system, Persona 4 Golden. Then you have other games like Ys, Disgaea, Danganronpa, Toukiden, Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Hatsune Miku, etc.
by the looks of your list, I assume you're not a huge fan of these types of games? I agree with you though that I am jealous of the PSP's game library. I want some more FF games, Monster Hunter, NBA, Yugioh, Kingdom heart, etc. I would also love to get some of the japan exclusive games, such as God Eater, Gundam Breaker, etc

I love JRPGs, so if that's all that they give out, then I will be perfectly fine. Only problem is that not many feel the same way lol.

jayuchia1393d ago

I have played a majority of those games you mentioned , I just didn't put them on my list for sake of space lol. I have no grudge against jrpgs but everybody does not play those games, due to lack of knowing about them or just not interested in that genre. Majority of gamers in America are looking for 1fps shooters, sport games, fighting and adventure games. Now there are some jrpgs that have those elements but how fair is that, only getting a handful of choices to the people who like shooters,sports and etc.

DragonKnight1393d ago

Canada f***ing SUCKS when it comes to things like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. We may as well not do it at all. Hell, even our Boxing Day sales suck.

I mean, I want Dragon Age: Inquisition right, here in Canada it's $70 which is absolutely ludicrous. On, according to that article, it's $44.95 which is a $15 drop from the U.S. MSRP. It's not even on sale at all in Canada. AT ALL. And then the worst deal I've seen so far. PSN+ Cards on, normal price is $49.99 and they're having a sale. Now, instead of paying $49.99, you can pay the low low price of $48.94


Russell Peters says it best, and inadvertently describes all of Canada, in this video.


Sometimes I wish I were rich enough to buy a bunch of copies of games here in america and just mail them out to people in other countries.

DragonKnight1393d ago

That's a very nice sentiment you have.

Canary1393d ago

Wow. I've never actually seen anyone before who thought Canada and the United States both used the same currency.

For the record, $70 Canadian (or CAD) is approximately $61.83 USD. So the prices you're whining about are a lot more equal than you think.

DragonKnight1393d ago

"Wow. I've never actually seen anyone before who thought Canada and the United States both used the same currency."

Wow, I've never seen anyone before actually completely fabricate meaning the way you have.

Yes, I know Canada and the U.S. don't use the same currency bud, I've only been a Canadian for 31 years.

Canary1393d ago

"Fabricate meaning" makes no literal sense in this context.

And you were the one complaining that the CAD doesn't have identical purchasing power to the USD, so it's pretty clear that you either don't realize each country uses it's own currency, or don't understand the concept of currency at all.

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