More Info On 2.40 Coming At 4PM

TheSixthAxis: "Want more information on Firmware 2.40? Well, expect an avalanche of information, including the World's first official look at the PS3's Trophy system, at 4PM GMT today (8AM EST / 5AM PST), which is also when we assume the PS Blog will upload their 2nd video."

"In the meantime, a few nuggets slipping out include rumours that not all games will support the in-game XMB when Firmware 2.40 launches - if the game doesn't support the new standard apparently the game will simply show you the default in-game screen (with controller options, etc) instead. Presumably games can be patched, but we'll see."


Edit: 1PM, sorry, not 4PM.

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Mikelarry3820d ago

hope this has info about the release date and more info about trophies

Jon86023820d ago

I wanna know more about the trophy system...I need details.

cp683820d ago

As soon as the SONY E3 conference ends :)

Rick Astley3820d ago

Yeah I know lol I think they'll push a big red button or something. "Log in to PSN folks, 2.40 FW update has been released!"

ChrisGTR13820d ago

i hope all /most games support it. ill be pissed if mgs4 dosent.

dragunrising3820d ago

I didn't think they would talk about trophies so soon. Most people haven't watched the walk-through yet. I would like to see some trophies though...

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

nice find

Why'd I watch the whole thing!?!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3820d ago

I was waiting for 'Ken Kutaragi' to come out dancing in that video to!!! ;-D
It's Amazing how the PS3 can be updated and that...WOW! ;-P

Marcello3820d ago

[email protected]

Now i am gonna be stuck with "It`s party time" in my head all day thx crimsonfox :P

Mr_cheese3820d ago

dam why did i watch it as well :( "its party time"

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The story is too old to be commented.