What is "the look" of the next generation?

Neogef Member writes:

This generation has a very distinct look. I'm not sure if technology or fashion driving is driving the whole generation to feel similar - is it because of shaders available, certain post-processing effects being cheap, or just because everyone feels that this is the right look now.

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TrevorPhillips3816d ago

PS3 has the power i mean look at killzone 2 its close to the first trailer we saw and the game is only using 4 cores out of 8 imagine using all 8

C_SoL3816d ago

then you'll know that u can only use 7 of the 8 can't use all 8....1 is reserved 4 the system......

Pizza The Hut3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

that commercial where it showed the player inhale the nanobot version of the playstation game and experience gaming as real life..? now that to me would be TRUE Next Gen Gaming lol

C_SoL3816d ago

hopefully I'll be reincarnated........90 years later.......(blow up dolls are a thing in the past, now we have robot prostitute's) fuk ya......that would be the day..........

TrevorPhillips3816d ago

i cant wait till killzone 2 gonna freakn own :)

sunnygrg3816d ago

where the hell are Uncharted and R&C? They deserve to be right on top of some of those.

C_SoL3816d ago

their in there....flip to the next pages..........

LJWooly3816d ago

As long as it suits the game, it's fine. But, looking at all those screenshots together is sort of depressing...

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