Summer Lesson Designed to Create ‘Buzz’ About Project Morpheus

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) debuted the much discussed Summer Lesson, a PlayStation 4 title designed exclusively for Project Morpheus, at an event in Tokyo, Japan, this weekend. Speaking about the videogame, Katsuhiro Harada, producer, stated that Summer Lesson had been designed to create a ‘large buzz’ around virtual reality (VR) and specifically the Project Morpheus hardware.

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Blackleg-sanji1329d ago

O im sure it did just that in Japan at least. I look forward to the consumer version

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poppinslops1329d ago

I'm starting to think this 'game' might actually be a huge, elaborate 'to catch a predator'-style sting operation...

"Pre-order today to secure your place on the registered sex-offender watch-list and exclusive DLC!"

_-EDMIX-_1329d ago

The deep lolz. "Harada revealed some of the intentions behind Summer Lesson".....

"Talking in a Bandai Namco Games"

Wait....sooooo how on earth did you get "Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) debuted the much" This isn't Sony's game, I'm sorry but this article is complete BS and needs to be taken down.

Its trying to suggest that Sony has something to do with the creation of the game to push the BS theory of um...."it was designed for ABC" etc.

Namco has not reason to do such a thing as they are not owned by Sony.

By making it seem as if Sony has a deep involvement, its trying to seek this idea that the game was created to "hype" or create um.."buzz".

N4GDgAPc1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Don't you think Sony is going to promote every VR game that will be played on Project Morpheus?

And from this article from the same website you see Shuhei Yoshida.

Looks like to me Sony is promoting it. Doesn't matter if its 3rd party or not I bet Sony is going to help promote anything to do with Project Morpheus. They have to before they release it.

N4GDgAPc1328d ago

Imagine if this was on the PC. I wonder how fast it would be modded?

ibrake4naps1328d ago

Looks cool. Better have sexy gameplay, not just studying...

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