More Horipad photos show off the features from the officially-licensed Xbox One wired controller

More features-showing photos are now available for the Horipad, the new officially-licensed Xbox One wired controller.

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Perjoss1327d ago

I don't mind the xbox one controller. I might get one of these Hori ones for my PC though if its compatible.

mrbojingles1327d ago

More like hori...bad looking! Get it!

XB1 has like 3-4 third party controllers, wishing PS4 would get some third party knock offs.

Ashlen1326d ago

I had a Horipad for my PS3 it was solid, had great turbo functions.

ScorpiusX1326d ago

Want one for the hell of it.

Xavior_Reigns1326d ago

Honestly that looks terrible. MS should make an official one themselves like they did for the 360. I found that one much better since it had that annoying battery pack out of the way.

LAWSON721326d ago

The battery pack is well hidden and placed on Xbone controller, not a problem at all

elninels1326d ago

He's talking about the 360 controller. My hands got so used to that battery pack it became weirx to play with the smooth and even backside of the wired controller

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