Dragon Age: Inquisition Review I Hey Poor Player

Dragon Age: Inquisition represents a return to form for Bioware. After Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 were both disappointments for a lot of people (myself not included), and after the side quests in Mass Effect 3 consisted of a creepy Shepard eavesdropping on Citadel denizens and retrieving random objects for them, the density of content in Inquisition given the world size is truly staggering.

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TheUberAsian1267d ago

Anyone else not get a manual in the physical copy of this game on PS4?

Becuzisaid1267d ago

I haven't gotten a manual packaged in with a game since the ps2 days.

Th4Freak1267d ago

Only Japan still enjoy of such privilege.

Summons751267d ago

It's EA they haven't believed in manuals for a couple years now. But I could only imagine the size of the manual if this was a game that came out in the 90's early 00's. It's really sad that they take things away from games but expect us to pay the same amount.

Pintheshadows1267d ago

I used to like reading manuals for RPG's on the loo. Back in the Planescape/Baldurs/Icewind/Nev erwinter days they were great.

Now if you get them they are barely a pamphlet.

Aloren1267d ago

Well, if you'd buy game like those in the 90's for the same amount, I'm sure they'd give you a manual.

shammgod1267d ago

My Game of the Year right here!

Pintheshadows1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I'd give it a 6 out of 5. I'd then knock off two points for it ruining my social life. I'd then add a point for it being absolutely amazing.

The only issue I have is that every now and then dialogue freezes leading to some intense or sometimes hilarious stare downs. My favourite so far had to be what looked like a facial hair stand off between two characters. Blackwall was stood in the background. The look on his face said I always win these.

Little things elevate it. Iron Bull saying what I am thinking when I see a dragon and giant fight. 'That is badass'. Yes it is Bull. Yes it is.

That little thing was about 50 hours ago now but it stuck with me.

I can't praise it enough. Best game I have played in years. And I think Bioware's best since KOTOR. And yes, I include Mass Effect in there as well as Jade Empire and Origins. Inquisition is just that good.

Oh, and maybe this was obvious, but this is my goty. No doubts in my mind. It is the best I have played so far on PS4/XB1. By far. Really far.

Now bring on The Witcher 3.