DMC: Devil May Cry available for a tasty £5.50 on PS3

Dealspwn writes: A great gaming stocking filler right here. At £5.50 DMC: Devil May Cry is well worth a look at half the price most other retailers are flogging it for. Even if the recipient doesn't like it, you've not wasted much money and you know not to bother buying them nice things in the future. A win, win situation!

It was a relief to see that Dante hadn't turned into the complete prick that the trailers depicted him to be in Ninja Theory's reboot. Admittedly, he's still a bit of a douche. The game takes a while to give you all the decent weapons but once it does, the combo variety on offer is excellent. Angel and Demon chains enable you to to pull enemies towards you or you to them, making aerial combos a breeze. Some truly awful platforming sections hold the game back from greatness and with the game only selling half of what DMC4 did at launch Dante's future isn't guaranteed despite the high review scores. All because of a haircut.

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Activemessiah1388d ago

And somehow i'd still feel ripped off due to that pale imitation of a game... rather play the real thing (DMC4)

breakpad1387d ago

totally agree... this s*it should be free

NovusTerminus1387d ago

It was, and it was still not worth it.

Skate-AK1387d ago

The game gets unfair hate. If you don't look at it as a traditional Devil May Cry, it's not bad. I liked the story a lot besides the ending. Even got the platinum for it. Takes 5-6 playthroughs.

Malphite1387d ago

Played it on PC. Good game. I can definately recommend it for that price.

Hoffmann1387d ago

The game also good an unfair good name. Should have had a different look for the main characters and a different name and everything about it would have been cool.

But for now..its the game that fucking destroyed Devil May Cry unless they continue the original series.

Lord_Sloth1387d ago

If it didn't want to be compared to Devil May Cry then it should have been a new IP.

Hoffmann1387d ago

No Thank You.

Donte MUST Die!

ironfist921387d ago

Great game, recommend it, especially for that price.

Gamehead361387d ago

I would feel dirty if I ever played this dumbed down version of DMC...although I do like Ninja Theory and loved Heavenly Sword...they should have just made a new game with a new name. Capcom really shitted on their original fans with this one.

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