Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition with artbook only £19.95 on PS4/XO

Dealspwn writes: We've seen the Xbox One version of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition at this price last week, but the Ps4 version has joined in too now. Amazon and co are still hovering around the £25 mark. With the original version going for about £10, £19.95 seems like a good deal considering the extra DLC content and visual upgrade, especially if you missed the original. Another bonus: these are the the Limited Editions that include special packaging and an artbook.

Wei-Shen’s undercover exploits in Hong Kong was an absolute blast first time around and ensured the new IP was a genuine contender in a genre dominated by GTA and Saints Row. The graphical upgrade isn’t huge, but at least there’s the bundled DLC to look forwards to, which includes the expansion packs. If the idea of running round Hong Kong as an undercover cop infiltrating gangs sound like fun, that's because it really is. Wei Shen kicks some serious ass and isn't afraid to bend the rules to get what he wants. We say bend the rules, we actually mean hack them into kibble with a meat cleaver.

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timmyp531352d ago

I held off on the PS3 version. I wanttttt to try but I'mma hold off just a little more maybe till the 20-25 dollar range. My friends think sleeping dogs was authentic as hell with the cantanose and characters.

DragoonsScaleLegends1352d ago

I payed $60 for this and don't regret it at all. It's a great game even though the port to PS4 was nothing amazing.