Everybody's Gone To The Rapture PS4 Won't Be At PS Experience, Dev Explains Reason Behind No Showing

Dev finally explained the reason behind lack of new info on PlayStation 4 exclusive Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and why the game won't appear at PlayStation Experience.

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IRetrouk1388d ago

Thats a shame but on the bright side at least they were honest about it and gave good reasons, im sure when we finaly see something from them it will be amazing....hopedully anyway :-)

BitbyDeath1388d ago

Good news actually, we already know Santa Monica Studios is going to be there and I thought it'd be for this game. They might have something new to show. God of War IV?

ABizzel11388d ago

My guess is a late 2015 title

BitbyDeath1388d ago

Would be the best day ever if they surprised us with a remaster of Warhawk.

MrSec841388d ago

It's possible, but they have also been supporting Ready at Dawn on The Order 1886, amongst other smaller Indie projects, so they could be there for that.

Hopefully we get as many new announcements as possible and Santa Monica's first dedicated solo PS4 game is what they're going to unveil.

Personally I hope it's a new IP.
I think that would make sense because there's usually 3 years between GOW releases, with Ascension coming out in 2013 I think the next game will be a 2016 release.

Everyone wants a slew of big AAA announcements, PS4 is crying out for a AAA Santa Monica game.

nix1388d ago

i wish the editors would use quotation marks to pronounce the name of the game titles because it really confuses me when i read the headline.

JMaine5181388d ago

Thats cool. Im hoping a blowout at e3 with a fall launch. I think this kind of game is perfect for that season.

Rimeskeem1388d ago

Glad they are waiting. It's better for the game to be at its near best then show it half made.

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