Dungeon Heroes Review by Retro Gaming Magazine

Carl Williams writes, "Hard as nails, turn based, dungeon crawling epics are just not being made like they used to. Throw in a first person view, multiple party members and even more challenge and you have just narrowed down the few releases we do see to hardly nothing. That is where the homebrew community comes in, these guys are not tied by corporate red tape, not held back by huge budgets and diminishing returns. Indie developers can take risks that you won’t see the big companies taking. Dungeon Heroes is one such risk being taken by Spiky, who apparently is a HUGE fan of Dungeon Master and Wizardry."

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MultiConsoleGamer1388d ago

This looks really fun. I'd love to play it.

triverse1388d ago

It is free on Game Jolt. The developer is giving it away, along with the soundtrack, I believe. Just have to follow the link at the end of the review and click download and it is yours.