Xbox France Celebrates PS4's First Anniversary, Prepare Amazing "Little Gift", says "Xbox Loves You"

Here's how Xbox France Celebrate PlayStation 4's first anniversary.

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Immorals1388d ago

Trust the French to make it sound creepy :p

fr0sty1388d ago

They did the same thing back when PS3 launched in France in 2007, by driving this boat by the launch event.

Concertoine1388d ago

That pissed people off but i find it hilarious.

Bathyj1387d ago

I misread your comment. I thought for a second it said crepey and was going to give you a funny bubble. Sorry, maybe next time.

Immorals1387d ago

That would have been punderful! I have consulted my French girlfriend, and neither of us have managed to come up with anything punny to make up for the missed opportunity. :(

Xb1ps41387d ago

If anyone prefers the ps 4 over the xb1 currently then you only own a ps4..

Bathyj1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I really dont see how thats a reply to my comment. Maybe people that only have PS4 only want PS4. Mindblowing, I know.

Xb1ps41387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

No... Had nothing to do with your comment just wanted to be closer to the top...

My point still stands if you currently prefer the ps4 you only own a ps4. Sorry if that bugs you, but hey! Feel free to add me!

Wanted again on xb1

Wanted_in_bpt on ps4

Sorry didn't blow my mind I just find it strange...

Bathyj1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

It doesnt bug me at all. I just want you to know not everyone needs both consoles or wants both.

I have a PS4 and Im happy with it. Everyone knows I dont think much of Microsoft but the Xbone itself its still a great console and I dont knock anyone for liking it. Its just that I dont need both right now and I will not buy one until theres an exclusive game on it I have to have, that I cant ignore. It currently doesnt have that game(for me).

Just to be clear, PS4 doesnt have a must have, cant ignore exclusive game yet either. I've glad I played the games I did but it wasnt any one title that made me get it. I simply wanted to go next gen and Sonys history of delivering, the games I've played in the past and the games I know will come out in the future made it an easy choice if I was only going to get one console at launch.

I dont have anything against anyone who feels exactly the same way about Xbone, or who wants to have everything, just saying we are all different and your blanket statement does count for everyone.

And just to show I'm a good sport I even tried to reply quickly in case you wanted to edit reply you last post.

Damn, too slow, sorry.

remixx1161387d ago


Damn that's weird iI own a ps4 and xb1 (plus a wiiu), and I still prefer my ps4 over my one. Not gonna lie thouh , those deals were to good to pass up.

Idk maybe I'm a defunct clone and the gaming industry didn't program me correctly. I'll get back in my box and get shipped back to the industry so I can have my preference altered to lean more towards the xbox1.

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Skankinruby1388d ago

Lol extremely condescending, can't expect much else since none of their clearly desperate moves are working

thewhiteelephant1387d ago

What exactly isn't working? Dropping The price HAS clearly worked (but we won't let the truth get in the way of your fanboy status) The xbox doesn't have to outsell the PS4 for it to be a success in Microsoft and it's shareholders eyes. The PS4 does however have to be successful for Sony. I for one am disappointed that Sony now really only has the PS4 to rely on because I love their well designed televisions. Unfortunately other manufacturers have come along and produced stunning displays for half the price. Sony used to be an almost premium brand.

Spotie1387d ago

It's worked for Black Friday. It won't last.

Sony has FAR more to count on than just PlayStation, not that an Xbox fanboy on a new account would know.

thewhiteelephant1386d ago

Haha Haha. Xbox fanboy. You couldn't be further from the truth. I like all platforms. And new account? This is my one and only account. I came across this site when I joined a month or so ago. I'd never heard of it before then. Do you guys think you're so important that the whole world knows what N4G is?

You are so sure that the sales won't last? What if Microsoft see the success of this price point and keep it at that? Tell the truth I couldn't give a care if Microsoft or Sony win anything. I don't win a god damned thing from it

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