Should You Get a PlayStation TV?

PS4Home: "By and large the real reason to pick one of these up revolves entirely around gaming."

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NotAfanBoyy1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

Not if you want to play many Vita exclusives

Most multiplats are better experienced on real consoles

Also, if you don't mind spending a lot on PSN content

PS4 streaming might be a consideration however

Conzul1090d ago

Make a 1080p version and you'll get my money.

BitbyDeath1090d ago

Yeah, I was hoping this would replace having to buy a second console later on but no 1080p kills it for me.

HentaiMasterRace1090d ago

I have a PS4 and Vita so I really have no reason to get one.

u4one1090d ago

meh no. half baked. no 1080p. very limited software. doesn't even play all vita games. lets you download apps that it can't even use. no places to get content other than sony.

Qrphe1090d ago

Can you stream any video files to this device?

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The story is too old to be commented.