Digital Journal Review: Grand Theft Auto V is an improvement over a masterpiece

It's always difficult to improve on a masterpiece of pop-culture but Rockstar Games has found a way for 'Grand Theft Auto V' to take full advantage of the hardware of the Next-Gen consoles.

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stanr1324d ago

GTA V was a masterpiece while the PS4 and Xbox One versions improve a flawless game. Still can't wait for the PC version to come out.

Xb1ps41324d ago

Too bad it didn't have a digital sale.. Had it on ps3 and wanted it again but not at full price, guess I'll wait.

Getting tired of full price for digitalis too! I'm about to go back to disc.. Wish I can make that heard to the price enforcers...

stanr1318d ago

Why digital downloads and CD games are the same price has also baffled me. Personally I preferred digital download for my PC games and a hard disc for console.