Major Retailer Confirms 360 Price-Cut

Microsoft will cut the price of its most popular Xbox 360 model, the 20GB Pro, by $50 to $299 in the coming weeks, game industry sources have confirmed.

Microsoft would not comment, but a major retailer, which requested anonymity, said the price move will come before the major video game trade show, E3, which runs July 15-17 in Los Angeles.

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Excalibur3794d ago

"While Microsoft does not have a "Halo"-style blockbuster on the horizon this year"


Have we forgotten about Gears of War 2?

pwnsause3794d ago

they saw the awesomness of MGS4, so they know its game over for them this year, rofl

sonarus3794d ago

Any word on elite price drop?

aaquib53794d ago

All models are dropping in price. Let's just say that the Wii and the PS3 have some steep competition in price from the 360.

Monchichi0253794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

The only thing they "Saw" from MGS4 was a very good movie. Sure glad they included a Blu-Ray Drive for Great Movies like that. What is it like 5 hours of gameplay and 12 hours of clips??

Stop Trolling!!!

This topic is about the pricedrop which is benificial to all gamers as others have to match them to remain competitive.

marinelife93794d ago

When it gets to $99 with free xbox live gold I'm jumping in.

sdogg3794d ago

I might just get a 360 now once fall gets here. I work in construction doing outside work and we really do get alot of time off in the winter time. Usually 1-2 months on average. So i'll add a 360 pro next to my ps3 to catch up on some 360 exclusives i missed along with all the great stuff coming out on ps3.

sonarus3794d ago

@monchichi. Games are entertainment and movie or not, MGS4 is the best entertainment i have had this generation. Call it whatever you like game movie but that won't change the fact that it was simply an awesome experience for majority of us who got to play it

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turbidDwarf3794d ago

For all of the people who have one console and have waited for the price of the Xbox 360 to go down so that they can afford it.

Harry1903794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I was just saying something stupid.

DaddyDC6503794d ago

I want to know if the Arcade or Elite 360 console will receive a price drop as well. What's the point in paying 279.99 for the Arcade SKU?

crck3794d ago

The Elite you would hope would go down to $399. But who knows with MS. They only dropped the Elite $30 last time they dropped the Pro by $50.

Real gamer 4 life3794d ago

So are they only going to drop the price of the pro model?

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The story is too old to be commented.