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"The multimedia institution known as Sonic the Hedgehog has gone through various changes over the years, despite Sonic never really leaving the "in your face attitude" era of the 90s. Sonic has had varying success with comic books and even animated television series, whether it is the fan-favourite "Sat-AM" Sonic cartoon or the obnoxious antics of the "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog," the permutations and variations of Sonic's formula continued in the likes of Sonic X and Sonic Underground. Kids just still can't get enough of the character, even today when SEGA has partnered with a French CG animation team to develop the fifth Sonic TV series. Sonic has been around TV so much, sometimes people may forget he had his beginnings on the Mega Drive/Genesis. The style of Sonic Boom is very different from what many fans of Sonic would be used to."

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miyamoto1328d ago

N64 had Superman 64
Wii U has Sonic Boom

MSBAUSTX1328d ago

Man did Superman 64 suck.

PygmelionHunter1328d ago

They're not even close. Superman 64 is literally one of the worst games ever.

Sonic Boom, while really bad, at least tries.

randomass1711328d ago

It's hard to describe both. Sonic Boom is bad because it's really buggy and unfinished. Superman is just bland and poorly designed. They are both really bad for different reasons.

Sheed1328d ago

i believe this is the final game in Sega's 3 game deal with nintendo.
After this we should start seeing some real sonic games

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1328d ago

not really PS and Xbox never got an amazing Sonic game. Generation was good but no where near Colors or Adventure 2 Battle.

DoggyBiscuit1328d ago

I don't know who more miserable Sonic or Crash

Justindark1328d ago

if this games gets low scores cus the bugs why does fall out get high scores jw? cus that game broke on me...