New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 12-1-14

This could be another good week to just get caught up on your backlog, but if you must buy a new game you should set your sight’s on the Game of Thrones release by Telltale Games.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1388d ago

Game of Thrones for sure. Going to pass on the rest.

Abash1388d ago

I have been wait YEARS to play Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix, and now with KH2.5HDR, I get to experience the complete version of KH2 and in HD.

tacotruck1388d ago

I might check out The Crew, something about it interests me despite my normal disinterest in the genre.

uth111388d ago

I'm interested in the Crew also, despite the overwhelming hate it gets. It still looks fun to me.

thorstein1388d ago

I need to look into this. Project Cars is still on my watch list.

The reality is that, maybe I just want Burnout Paradise Updated for new gen consoles. Something to sit on the couch and just have fun.

I would love that. Criterion remakes it and adds some more real estate with the same amount of fun.

Varmint1388d ago

I don't understand the sheer amount of hate. Having played in three of four closed betas for The Crew, I had a lot of fun every time. Sure, the handling isn't the best, perhaps, and the graphics aren't as 'next-gen' as everyone seems to want, but the gameplay was very fun to me.

My only misgiving is that by buying it, I'm giving money to Ubisoft who doesn't even have the foresight to pretend that they care about the consumer.

uth111388d ago

I'm sure some of the hate is just because it's Ubisoft.

But the handling is customizable. A lot of the beta testers said that once they learned they could tweak the handling, it felt like a completely different game.

And the graphics- When people buy games with 8-bit retro graphics, why is saying that it doesn't look next-gen that bad of a thing? I don't have a problem with the graphics personally. My biggest concern is some of the glitches I saw in beta videos. Hopefully they got fixed.

frezhblunts1387d ago

Ill get trippy with some toad tracker !