Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sales Top 10M Units Worldwide - PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

VGChartz Writes: "The Sledgehammer Games developed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales in just three weeks have topped 10 million units worldwide at retail. It is the second game released in 2014 to hit the milestone. The other game is FIFA 15, which is available on three more platforms. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has sold 10.98 million units.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has sold the best for the PlayStation 4 with sales of 4.26 million units. The Xbox One version sold 2.76 million units, the PlayStation 3 version sold 2.05 million units and the Xbox 360 version sold 1.78 million units. The PC version has managed to sell 142,571 units."

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red2tango1355d ago

I tried it over the weekend and I don't know what warrants those sales numbers. Maybe because its across so many platforms. I just didn't find it that fun. Can't comment on the single player though.

Svinya1354d ago

Single player IS the reason for the high scores..

mandf1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

wow ps4 game sales are stellar. edit to the disagreers, a console with a user base of 15 million estimated, 2 cconsoles of 80 plus million and a pc user base of ??? it crushed their sales. that is wow and stellar. no amount of disagreeing can change a fact. ps4 multiplats are outselling all other user bases.

ps3rider1355d ago

Totally agree... this gen PS4 is crushing others

BattleAxe1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

In all fairness, the PS3 userbase isn't actually 80 million people. Many people purchased 2 or 3 PS3s, and like the Xbox 360, we had the YLOD with the early 60 and 80 gig models, which plays a factor also.

I think the 15 million PS4 users represents a large percentage of the core PS3 users and some Xbox 360 users. I bet that the 'everyday' PS3 users, don't number more than 20 million tops.

Oschino19071355d ago

I don't think you realize how many Ps3 users haven't upgraded to Ps4 yet.

Tundra1354d ago

iirc vgchartz does not track the digital sales of any platform and digital distribution is how the vast majority of PC games get sold.

That said, the PS4 is indeed a great system for multiplatform titles.

Magicite1354d ago

Funny how PS4 and PS3 beats xbox in COD sales now (actually since ghosts in last year).

Foehammer1354d ago

Even more funny is the number of trolls that now have e.g. all over their faces as Sledgehammer has just released official numbers:

"46 per cent of last week's Advanced Warfare sales were on Xbox 360, with 22 per cent on PS3. Meanwhile, 19 per cent were sold on Xbox One and 14 per cent on PS4."

Once again, Xbox ruled in both gens despite a huge difference in install-base

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slutface1355d ago

wow the ps4 is the best selling version with millions separating it from xbones version. xbox WAS the land of COD ever since inception.....great achievement

IIFloodyII1355d ago

Those 360 numbers seem way too low. It's probably much higher.

Immorals1355d ago

Game really doesn't warrant these sales. Wish it had bombed, maybe Activision would make a real effort with the next game(s)

jukins1355d ago

Except activision doesn't make games they publish. In case you haven't heard it's ok to like cod now. Destiny has (wrongfully) taken its place as the hipster hate target.

Immorals1355d ago

Even if they just publish them, they have some sort of control on what they put out. I started playing call of duty when the first one came out. World at war is one of my favourite games. Look what happened with infinity ward and Activision with mw2 (which is in my opinion, the game that caused the death of COD).

After playing titanfall, the new one feels like a restricted, unbalanced mess. Enjoyed the single player, but that's about it.

DanteVFenris6661354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

It's not okay to like cod, and destiny is light years ahead of cod in terms of everything

Even than I'm not a big fan of destiny. If there's one fps that's still good it's the farcry and fallout series

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