Will Mass Effect 4 go the way of GTA 5 and suffer a huge PC release delay?

It’s universally accepted that the Mass Effect trilogy is one of the greatest series of games ever made. Indeed, many lists often place Mass Effect 2 as their greatest game of all time. With Bioware now confirming the beta testing is well under way for Mass Effect 4, and the series having fared so well on the windows platform in the past, surely it would sacrilege for this fourth game to suffer a huge delay between hitting the next gen consoles and getting a PC release – much in the same way Grand Theft Auto 5 has. If rumors are to be believed, then this could be a possibility.

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Volkama1355d ago

How so? How would that benefit you?

Conzul1355d ago

While he WAS being a bit snivelly, I share the sentiment.

PC generally gets a superior version under all circumstances, so a delayed PC version (in my experience) leads to console versions that are less buggy and generally more functional.

It is extremely difficult for ANY studio to release ANY piece of software across multiple platforms simultaneously. One or more tend to suffer.

showtimefolks1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I doubt it because bioware usually take care of PC along with console gamers. While over at R* it's business as Usual

Also doesn't EA own their own distribution so it would be really stupid of them to skip on PC. One thing that scares me is MS, they may pay enough to make it a timed exclusive

Look at it this way gta5?sold 32 plus million on last gen
Another 3 million on next gen within first week with 2 million on PS4

So if I was running take two the parent company for R* I would also target console gamers first. But one thing I would change is that a year or so after release I would re release the game for pc with all the dlc and improvements

It's truly sad PC gamers never got RDR

Maxor1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Resolution envy. It happens.

With their Origin platform making a truck load of money, EA is pro PC gaming as they come so the author is clearly ignorant of the facts.

Just look at Titanfall. Not even Xbox exclusivity can delay the PC release.

camel_toad1355d ago

Im sure it will go just like Dragon Age.

Pandamobile1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Is this writer daft? Why would EA of all publishers skimp out on the PC version of a game like Mass Effect 4? I mean, it's not like they own their own distribution platform or anything.

"There have even been some reports of this fourth game not seeing a PC release at all."

Then where are these reports..? The only one mentioned in the piece is sourced from "KpopStarz".

Yeah, that sounds legit.

kevnb1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

The evil within didn't really run all that well on any platform, piss poor example. Battlefield 4 and dragon age inquisition both run well on PC and this game will also run on frostbite. Oh, and dragon age inquisition has yet to be pirated on PC.
There are so many straw man argument against PC gaming, the best one is how games don't sell on PC with the example being call of duty, call of duty simply isn't as popular among PC gamers... The biggest PC games don't tend to be the high end movie like experiences, it's games like league of legends and wow that really dominate. RPGs also seem to do well on PC, I can't see them leaving this off PC day one unless the console makers give them a huge cheque.

Seafort1355d ago

The sad part is that Call of Duty was quite popular on PC years ago when it was PC exclusive.

PC gamers have just moved away from the franchise when it became apparent that Activision was moving more towards console gaming than PC.

If Bioware leave out or delay the PC version of Mass Effect 4 it will be their biggest mistake they'll ever make including Dragon Age 2.

kevnb1355d ago

There's that, but you have to think about the audience that plays call of duty. Moreover, the audience that will buy the game every year. There is also much more games to compete with call of duty on PC, those looking for a solid straight forward competitive multiplayer fix have drastically more options on PC. On console you really only have a handful of games worth playing competitive multiplayer.

Immorals1355d ago

The decline of call of duty on pc coincided with the 'dumbing down' of the series.

Back when it was all about skills, and not about killstreaks. The 3 5 7 system worked well, but when they introduced the customisable killstreaks, that formula took a massive nosedive into screaming console kiddy territory.

I remember playing cod2/cod4/waw online, and people actually played as a team and used mics, now it's all k/d ratio and camping for killstreaks, and the few that actually use their mics sound like an angry kid on helium..

One-Shot1355d ago

Why is this person comparing two games from two totally different companies and publishers?

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