Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer: Check Out 16 Minutes of "Spectacular" Gameplay Footage

Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer has already proven to be somewhat divisive amongst hardcore Halo fans that see this as less of an innovation and more as an attempt to ape other modern FPS titles that have found their own margin of success.

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Adexus1388d ago

Really looking forward to the beta, hopefully the server issues are minimal at launch!

user38319101388d ago

I doubt they will f**k up a new installment of Halo. After the criticism that Ubisoft received and 343 studios they better learn to test there games very well and give them time for release. But then again I wouldn't be suprised if there were issues because it seems like every game this year had them

XBLSkull1388d ago

I don't mind some change. If everyone hates it they'll change it in 6. Give it a chance. The Spartans in this game are a lot more in line with Halo lore than the lethargic slow walking Spartans presented in Halo 1-3.

radler1388d ago

Haha if you seriously don't think that 343 will screw up AGAIN after their disastrous handling of Halo Reach post-Bungie, the abysmal COD-wannabe that was Halo 4 and the utter mess that is the Master Chief Collection, then you're a fool.

Besides, look at it, it's Advanced Warfare with a Halo skin. They've literally copied Call of Duty again, this time aping the exo abilities. It's pathetic.

The sooner Phil Spencer shuts this studio down and gets some REAL talent to handle the Halo franchise, the better. 343 are cancer.

BiggerBoss1388d ago

I really dont like the sprinting at all, its my biggest issue. I guess 343 are just trying to modernize Halo to attract the COD and Destiny crowd

The map design and TTK look great though, i wish i had an XB1 to try out the beta myself.

abstractel1388d ago

Disagree, Halo 4 was one of the best Halo titles in my opinion. Biggest problem I've always had with Halo titles, including 4, was the lack of diversity in enemies. When they wanted to make it more difficult, they just threw more enemies at you instead of introducing tougher enemies. I didn't like Reach. Not getting an XB1 (Quantum Break? Unless there's a PC version) until there's a good reason to so have no opinion about the Master Chief Collection.

Beta looks good IMO. Better than what I saw a few weeks ago. It is funny how the boost sounds like COD AW. But the new movement system in COD AW is the best innovation in that series in ages and I love it (plus the weapons are great).

Graphics wise it looks ok, but it's a while before release. Really hope they push it with the campaign...

shloobmm31387d ago

How can 343 be blamed for Reach ' s problems? Halo 4 was a fantastic game.

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christocolus1388d ago

Same here. it looks really good also with the beta 343i should be able to handle any issues arising before the games official launch(next year).

Halo2ODST21388d ago

Why are 343 still copying COD ???
Haven't they learned already.

VealParmHero1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

This game looks really smooth. The thruster looks well implemented and balanced. The weapons seem great from what I've seen. And I am impressed by the graphics in this video,especially the first map. great lighting and details, especially nice for a year ahead of release. I just really like what i'm seeing so far. Just my two cents.

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masterfox1388d ago

after playing lots of Destiny online matches and then seeing this, this just looks weak, sorry. The only thing cool about the video is that you can select 60 fps thats imo the only spectacular about it.

fanboysmackdown1388d ago

Yep you can tell already from a short vid w/2 maps how it is. You are truly an amazing specimen. Pretty sure you had no plans of ever playing this anyhow so criticizing it is easy for you right?

yarbie10001388d ago

This blows the f*ck outta Destiny multiplayer


Destiny is trash. Boring and lame

BiggerBoss1388d ago

Why do you guys have to bash Destiny to justify your point? Why cant you just let Halo stand on its own merits?

Im not a huge multiplayer guy but i like Halo and i actually enjoyed Destiny multiplayer. The map designs were fantastic and it wasnt near as twitchy as COD.

My point is, you can like Halo without calling Bungies new game "trash"

Sonital1388d ago

Your comment history, one bubble and display pic really suggest that your opinion will be unbiased and fair.

Thanks for sharing.

brotherlymoses1388d ago

Lol Destiny PvP is terrible

christocolus1388d ago


yeah riiight. lol

Yetter1388d ago

Destiny MP is fun but it doesn't even get close to matching Halo. I can play Halo CE mp matches and have way more fun than I do with destiny. And this footage absolutely looks like Halo MP

Dirtnapstor1388d ago

As COD:AW refreshed the feel of multiplayer, Guardians will probably do the same for the Halo franchise.
This will be a good game, but I'm still in your camp preferring Destiny over this. Can't be too critical. Got to be sensitive. Remember, these acolytes are the ones that thought ODST was GOTY material.

Septic1387d ago

"Can't be too critical. Got to be sensitive. Remember, these acolytes are the ones that thought ODST was GOTY material."

Why is it that people with Killzone profile pics rear their heads in these topics with the same kind of dismissive nonsense as they always do? You're critiquing ODST (which was lambasted by a lot of Halo fans including myself) but what's funny is, almost every entry in the Killzone series has been so dire and lived in the shadows of Halo ever since its inception.

Perhaps that explains your insecurity, as you, hypocritically try to allude to that of Halo fans.

"but I'm still in your camp preferring Destiny over this"

You're entitled to your opinion but I'm entitled to mine too and in my opinion, you wouldn't know a good pvp shooter if it hit you in the face.

Dirtnapstor1387d ago

My ODST comment was pure sarcasm. Why so personal? What's hypocritical? So sorry I hurt your feelings [insert violins here].
All the Killzone installment are much better than Halo 1 and the rehashes that followed. They were good in their own right, but not superior. Reach was a great installment, and I did enjoy H4. Guardians I'm sure will be good as well.

mhunterjr1388d ago

Hmm, if you find destiny's pvp to be strong, then you'd never like a halo game.. too much focus on balanced gameplay

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Toiletsteak1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Halo of Duty. The game looks awesome but it does remind me of the new CoD.

u4one1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Was it all the ADS they didn't show in that video? Looked like halo to me

BX811388d ago

I don't mind the ads so much but I dislike the manteling.

jspsc1231388d ago

and the new cod reminds me of titan fall.

Halo2ODST21388d ago

It does remind people of COD, with all the unlimted sprint, emphasis on movement, just like COD AW & Titanfall (which was made by ex COD devs)

TyBREAKR1388d ago

Jetpacks are what has characterized the last 2 years of game releases. Not a fan of it included with the new halo. I like how they brought back the old announcer. I hated halo 4s announcer. Good call. Kill cam..... Bad call. There are too many little things I don't like.

FanMan1388d ago

This is basically cod now.

waverebel4171388d ago

Halo was one of the first games to introduce jetpacks...

1388d ago
corroios1388d ago

Sorry but it doesnt blow destiny pvp...

Farmassy1388d ago

no. Destiny pvp blows all by itself

That game is trash

corroios1387d ago

The game is Trash? For starter you can play it online without any problems and you cant say the same about Halo MCC and therefor any kind of discussion is over.

Guns animations are much better on Destiny, shaders (not playing with a red master chief) are cooler, etc, etc...

This Halo is running at 720p so come back when it runs at 1080.

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