How the PS4 and Xbox Have Raised PC System Requirements

The rift between PC gamers and console gamers is filled with fanboys and flamebait, but there’s more to the clash than people with too much spare time. What happens in console gaming can drastically affect the PC industry, causing sudden and unwelcome upward shifts in system requirements.

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Xof1388d ago

Well, general PC gaming specs have been pretty static for a long time. I mean, you can run most games on an HD4000.

Problem is, PC gamers don't get performance commensurate with our specs, because so many games are poorly and lazily optimized--both ported titles and native titles. Hell, I get better performance on Ubisoft open-world games on my PS4 that my aging PC which is about twice as powerful spec-wise.

And, hell, I still can barely get NWN2 or KOTOR2 to run properly.

Vegamyster1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

It's a Ubisoft game that's why :P

PS what's your specs?

mikeslemonade1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

My theory is a lot of games still have last gen specs and last generation lasted almost 2 years longer this time. Games like Unity, Watchdogs, and Far Cry 4 are are requiring some power and if you don't have the power than you will only be marginally better than the consoles. And this is just the first year games of the current gen!

This is why the "master of none" kept saying you can get by with a low budget PC. Yes, if you are only interested in playing the current games that still had last gen hardware specs in mind.

I got most of my PC parts. When I want to jump in when PC gets more relevant, I just need the cpu, gpu, and motherboard.

krouse931388d ago

PC Games don't receive the same Optimization as console games because the API access to low level hardware & software is less available to PC developers than it is to Console game developers.

Vegamyster1388d ago

Most PC ports are perfectly fine, it's rare to run into a game that runs like crap compared to the console version.

JsonHenry1388d ago

And what little problems there are at launch are typically patched rather quickly. Which is NOT a problem solely happening on PC. The consoles suffer from day one issues just as often as PCs do these days sadly.

krouse931387d ago

@Vegamyster I know that, but I'm just saying that PC's usually need higher specs in order to run the same level of fidelity that consoles do. Which is partially why I don't game much on PC anymore, I was constantly buying new equipment in order to upgrade because PC games don't optimize to specific graphics cards & cpus & usually have really high system requirements.

Vegamyster1387d ago

"PC's usually need higher specs in order to run the same level of fidelity that consoles do."

Getting better specs is not hard nor costly.

"I was constantly buying new equipment in order to upgrade because PC games don't optimize to specific graphics cards & cpus & usually have really high system requirements"

The only way that would be an issue is if you were paying for the lower end parts, most games requirements are aimed at medium level builds. A 4+ year old GTX 480 out performed both consoles in WD which isn't considered a good port.

krouse931387d ago


I know you can't reply any more but I ended up starting off with a Quad Core i7 2.67Ghz CPU it might've been sandy bridge or the one before, I don't remember. But yeah I made the mistake of buying low end GPUs. I had 6 gigs of ram & a 7200 RPM WD Hard Drive. My GPU was a GTX 260 but then I got a GT450 (GTX)? Idk But it actually ended up being worse than the 260 in terms of specs, other than the fact that it could run DX10 games and use features like tessellation which I was missing out on with the GTX260. So yeah I bet if I spent an extra $100 dollars on my GPU I'd probably not be complaining.

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lfc_4eva1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Are you saying most games can run on an intel HD4000?

Absolutely not my friend.

If you like a flick book experience then by all means.

Anyway as far as consoles pushing up pc specs, I think its the reverse. Consoles have held back pc games simply because pc gamers usually just got a console port which didn't require you to keep buying the next top card. Its only pc exclusive games that have smashed our wallets :-)

Linwelin1388d ago

I dunno, the HD4400 can run quiet a few games at decent rates.

Magicite1388d ago

Theres difference between launching game and running it at decent framerate/resolution.

Tundra1388d ago

You actually can't run alot of games (besides indie) with an intel HD 4000 unless you play in windowed mode with a resolution of 800 x 600 and even that may run a bit sketchy. Games are way too complex now-a-days for integrated solutions to be viable.

The bump in system requirements come from games being tailored for console specifications. New consoles come out and lo' and behold, general PC system requirements get a jump.

If you had a 7870 from a few years ago, I'm sure you'll be fine gaming at 1080p with settings similar to the PS4.

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Volkama1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I don't think many PC gamers are complaining that the spec requirements went up a bit. Quite the opposite actually. PC gamers have been complaining that the target was so low for so long, so any upward movement is welcome.

That's over generalising PC gamers as they aren't all looking for top end experiences, but the lower spec PC gamers aren't so likely to be fanboys or take flamebait on the topic

Somebody1388d ago

An upward movement is more than welcomed but it better be worth it. I don't think most PC gamers complained about the bump in VRAM but they did expressed concern about the reason for the sudden bump in game requirements.

I mean one of the first games to strictly impose a high number of RAM limit was COD: Ghosts and the end result was horrible. DDR3 system RAM is quite easy to upgrade but VRAM is a bit hard. Thanks to Nvidia's 900 series the floodgates have opened and we're seeing VRAM numbers increasing at a rapid pace.

1nsomniac1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Completely agree but consumers have to worry & question graphics card & game developers relationships when it comes system specs.

Exactly how we seen with COD Ghosts The game looked like crap at Ultra settings & without question could run on a system with 1/4 of the hardware spec but because it's such a big game the developers benefited from "new engine" higher required spec claims. The Graphics card companies need to make people think they need the newest card to run the game.

It was all complete BS but of course it takes a while before people realise.

JsonHenry1388d ago

I've been waiting for a reason to upgrade. I'm happy that things are finally being pushed a little further than they used to.

kevnb1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

They sound a little uninformed, I'm using a 6300fx and a 7950 in my gaming PC. It holds up really well even today. I also have 12 gigs of ram, one thing people don't realize is that windows will actually use some of your system ram for textures if it has to.
That being said I actually really like my ps4, I don't find myself frustrated with it like I did with the ps3 at times.

Vegamyster1388d ago

In the article.

"PC gaming just became more expensive"

"A two-gigabyte video card is now mediocre at best and a decent quad-core is almost mandatory.

"New, inexpensive systems are threatened, as well. The base $550 Alienware Alpha has only a dual-core processor; the quad-core starts at $900. Gamers who purchase the cheaper model may be surprised to learn it can’t play games console players enjoy on a $350 Xbox One."

A couple issues i see, they used the priciest custom PC builder (Alienware) they could find and DF has already done videos with 2gb cards and Dual cores disproving what they're claiming.

For $500 W/OS you can build a PC that will easily compete with consoles, not $900.

The_KELRaTH1388d ago

There's a serious lack of knowledge regarding PC gaming with this article.

a) most gamers don't upgrade every component!!
b) you don't need to buy the very latest product and there's usually some fantastic deals on last gen GPU's etc etc

Vegamyster1388d ago

Definitely, this consist exaggeration that you need to continuously upgrade is just getting annoying at this point when there is plenty of benchmarks saying otherwise. Look at all the disagrees a got despite backing up my argument with facts, I'd like for people to actually respond with a counter argument telling me in what way i'm wrong/inaccurate instead but that never seems to happen lol.

Kivespussi1388d ago

How is this a bad thing? Journalism... I mean, the reason the requirements get higher is because the games are usually first made for consoles, then ported to PC. When the games get bigger and prettier thanks to the new consoles, the PC requirements naturally rise since also the PC ports will be bigger and prettier when they aren't ported from 8 year old hardware. If anything, this tells that games are getting better.

I wish that the game journalists would do their homework. This was a lazy and ignorant article.

N311V1387d ago

Did you read the article?

You actually agree with the article and have paraphrased it quite well.

How the PS4 and Xbox Have Raised PC System Requirements?

You said "...the reason the requirements get higher is because the games are usually first made for consoles, then ported to PC."

Article said "Console ports have changed the expectations of PC gamers within just a few months."

Kivespussi1387d ago

What the hell? I double posted basically the same thing 2 comments down? I thought I pressed edit. Oh well.

Anyway I was talking about the article trying to twist this into being a bad thing.

I agree with the article - about the fact that the requirements are rising. But the article is trying to say that it, for some reason, is a bad thing. That is bullcrap. More of that in my second comment down below.

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