Xbox’s Phil Spencer Comments on Halo/Gears of War Crossover and More; Won’t Be at The Game Awards

Microsoft’s head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer is always quite receptive of the ideas he hears from the community, and today he provided a few interesting comments.

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christocolus1395d ago

A Halo/Gears crossover would be a great idea.

user38319101395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I can see Master Chief in the Gears of War world Sera but not the other way around. It would be hard to implement either way.

christocolus1395d ago

It would definitly be dfficult to pull off but if done right could be awesome.playing as Masterchief in a third person shooter could be really cool.

bleedsoe9mm1395d ago

they are video games they don't need to make sense , as long as its a one off that is made clear its just for the fun of it . now back to sunset overdrive bounces off car roofs and swinging on powerlines for no good reason other than fun .

GameNameFame1395d ago

Halo and gears are not even made by their original studio who made it so great.

Last halo got mid 80s on meta compared to 90s halo usually gets. Still good, but not as good as it used to.

And giving gears of war to studio who had has no track record and has all their game to date canned is not promising either.

ShinMaster1394d ago

Reminds me of the Mountain Dew and Doritos cross over.

No joke. Look it up. Doritos flavored Mountain Dew.

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Outthink_The_Room1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

First Person vs. Third Person. Just like Spies vs. Mercs.

Balancing cover and jumping is the tough part. Allowing Cogs to take cover needs to have a disadvantage. Spartan jumping needs to be high enough to give them the ability to "get the high ground" aerially on Cogs.

Obviously there are some other problems, like map management and levels with multiple platforms that Spartans can jump up to instantly. Evasion favors Spartans and that's something that would need to be balanced.

Would definitely be a killer title to have.

Halo 5
Gears Reboot
Halo vs Gears

It would give both studios a 3 year dev cycle between mainline entries, which we would all be grateful for. Plus they would have a killer shooter every Holiday.

lifeisgamesok1395d ago

I don't see this working I'd like them to stay separate releases

zeuanimals1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Could be a "Smash Bros." style shooter and it could be interesting, especially if they add other Xbox franchises too.

EZMickey1394d ago

Agreed with both of you. I don't want the universes or stories to cross over, but I could definitely enjoy a fun mash-up.

blackout1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Would have to be a MMO or an RPG. Those two games are massive.

fr0sty1395d ago

The art styles are too different. Gears uses bulky no-neck muscleman dudebro characters, Halo goes for the more normal looking human space marines. The two wouldn't look right alongside each other.

christocolus1395d ago

it just takes a talented dev to pull it off. it would be a spin off. doesn't even have to feature Don or masterchief. it could be new characters.

fr0sty1395d ago

Even with new characters, the general look would need to be preserved or IMO it would be taking too much away from each individual franchise. Art direction is a key element of any game, and you can't play around with that too much without killing the vibe of the game. Maybe Halo could bring a little color into Gears' brown world.

Trekster_Gamer1395d ago

I think they should stay separate.

They both are awesome but not in really the same way.

Halo2ODST21394d ago

as long as 343 stays away, they probably release the game broken, or try and appeal to the COD fanbase

christocolus1394d ago

343i didn't release Halo4 broken, did they? Halo Mcc was a much bigger effort and was made in collaboration with more than 2 other studios, so stop singling 343i out. Most of the multiplayer development was handled by certin affinity but that doesn't mean they are bad devs either. One mess up doesn't mean the team are any less talented. Mistakes like these happen from time to time and Halo mcc is much better now.

SonyAddict1394d ago

Yip it would save them money making two separate titles lol cheap bastards. ..

christocolus1394d ago

Wth? Your profile name and pic says it all. Do us all a favor and stop trolling xbox articles. Ok?

Gamer19821394d ago

it simply wouldnt work. One game is a gory shooter with chainsaws and monsters who will curbstomp you. The other is Halo which is a scifi shooter but the enemys seem more futuristic and I think Master Chief would last 5 minutes in the GOW world before he got a chainsaw to his face..

SonyAddict1393d ago

It was a joke lol..I own an xbone too.

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user38319101395d ago

Hmm that is strange. Arent the awards located in the US? Why wouldnt he go?

Abriael1395d ago

Probably no time?

We also have to consider that this year TGA isn't as big as the previous years. It doesn't have Spike TV's support, and it's organized pretty much independently by keighley. This means that there will probably be less big world premieres than in the previous years.

user38319101395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Ooooh that is news to me. Well that sucks. I wonder if Uncharted 4 gameplay will be shown at playstation experience instead.


Hell a three day event would even be better. But yeah I guess since the popularity will potentially be down for VGA, it makes a lot of sense to show your best lineup at your more hyped show. It still sucks that its not on Spike though. There are like no more gaming channels wbich really blows

Abriael1395d ago

I'm 99% sure that we won't see much about Uncharted 4 at TGA. Maybe a small teaser of what will be shown at PSExperience.

It would be downright crazy for Sony to put a big reveal at TGA when their own event is just the day after.

n4rc1395d ago

Ya.. Noticed last year the event was much smaller then the previous year..

Guess spike tried it out and wasn't happy enough with the results..

Rimgal1395d ago

But Geoff Keighley is still hyping up the event, just like he does every year.

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Mikefizzled1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

'Marcus revs up his chainsaw once more as he carves another flood in twain. In the distance he sees a tall green figure, Unlike anything he'd seen before. He stood silently as the rest of Delta-One moved towards him.'

Halo2ODST21394d ago

as long as it's the proper Master Chief, none of that Spartan 4 crap, the armour magically changes in cyrotube, pfft...,

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ReturnToSanity1395d ago

That is so stupid. I really hope they don't do that.

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