The Crew Beta Impressions - Mouse n Joypad

Will writes - "Upon booting up The Crew, I was treated to a long disclaimer asking me to refrain from forming or sharing an opinion based on this beta experience. This coupled with the fact that the review embargo is lifting after release, and that no major outlet is getting a copy until launch was all enough to destroy my confidence in The Crew. It’s a shame that The Crew is releasing in this environment, because I have nothing bad to say about it’s online or technical performance and the strong story had me forgetting I was even playing a beta. This is the most solid Ubisoft release I have played in a while, and it isn’t even out yet."

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badz1491358d ago

WTF? I can't even name a single thing I love about the beta because I think it's a poor excuse of a racing game!

the graphic is pretty much on par with GTA IV - a 2008's game, the car handling and physics suck and terrible, strong story? sure if terrible overused plot is your thing and the navigation system is one of the worst I've seen.

there is really nothing to get excited about The Crew at all, at least that's what I think.

RebelWAC1358d ago

I can understand your comment. First impressions do last but let's be fair..

The crew has a deepish level system to some extent. You would've known that if you spent some more time with the beta cause it's apparent that you didn't. I don't blame you but again, let's be fair...

The car handling gets better as you unlock and apply new parts for your car. And the higher level you are, better parts and cars will be available.

The graphics are average but then again it's a beta. I won't argue with you about the story nor physics though...

The game is also ment to be played with friends which is fun actually but against, I don't blame you.

My initial reaction was "this is trash" and with that said, I'm passing on this game.