Sakurai puts his body and soul into Every Smash Bros game, with the Mindset that its the last one

Masahiro Sakurai discusses how he puts everything he has into developing new Smash Bros games.

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masterfox1356d ago

Is great to hear that from a developer makes want to think the game will feel unique and classic right away, but sadly is lagging on those areas with this new Bros game, it just looks like an HD remaster version with more characters, I think it should added more than just characters and a facelift, probably he only did that cause the Wii Us limitation so who knows.

CaptainN1355d ago

Did you even play the new Smash before writing this....he added so many modes, custom moves, Amiibo support,off TV play, Miiverse, a better online system, new and returning characters, HD 1080P graphics,60fps,free upcoming DLC if you have both versions....come on man, open your eyes !!

desolationstorm1355d ago

I'm blown away by the amount of depth in the game. Plus I like that the main unlockables(characters and stages) can be completed pretty quickly. After that it is just icing on the cake.

3-4-51355d ago

Masterfox. Everytime a good Nintendo game is released, you come on here bashing it in a way that just doesn't make sense.

Great you love Playstation...Sony is awesome, but it doesn't mean that other companies don't also release great games.

Your way to Biased.

MasterCornholio1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Why does that remind me of Kojima?


Anyways its great that this guy puts so much work into the franchise. Im going to try out the demo on my new 2DS tonight.

P.S Its not a typo. I bought myself a 2DS on black friday since i already had a Vita and it seemed like a good idea to buy a Nintendo handheld especially since it has a ton of games that i want to play. Better late than never. Thanks Nintendo for making the 2DS.

MasterCornholio1354d ago

Well because Kojima keeps saying that he wont make another MGS but he does.


Spore_7771355d ago

"Why does that remind me of Kojima?"

Maybe it's a Japanese developer thing.

Chuk51355d ago

Smash 4 is a masterpiece. If he walked away from the series after so many damn good game I can't blame him, the detail in this game would drive a lesser game designer mad.

Darkfist1355d ago

you mean like putting clones like drmario, dark pit, and girl marth, while removing less-cloned/unique like wolf and snake, by removing the story mode and put mario party mode

DarXyde1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

So what's the point here? A few clones sure, but it's still an incredibly great game that does pay close attention to detail. You're also assuming that NONE of the removed characters will make DLC.

At least the game has a ton of different modes to enjoy while giving the gamer incentives to unlock everything.

Want to know the funny part? It's a FIGHTING GAME with more replay value than a lot of games on competing platforms.

Qrphe1355d ago

>girl Marth

Oh boy, this shouldn't be that rustling but it is, nice b8 m8

Eamon1354d ago

lmao. To be fair, Lucina was almost unneeded in the game. She even pretends to be Marth in FE:A.

I'd trade her for Snake or even Chrom in Smash 4 any day.

tucky1355d ago

Worst serie ever created ... I don't know what he had in mind when first creating this game: 0% fun - 100% mess

LoaMcLoa1355d ago

Or in other words:

"I don't have any friends to play with"

DoggyBiscuit1355d ago

You like a old hoe is hard to please u, everyone I know loves this game

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