Custom soundtracks confirmed for firmware 2.4: all games supported?

Director of PlayStation Network Operations, Eric Lempel said in the recent firmware 2.4 video walkthrough that custom soundtracks will be supported and alluded to the fact that all games would support the feature.

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Ri0tSquad3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Looks like custom soundtracks will just play over the muisc that is playing. He did say he turned off the PixelJunk music before he played his song.

But I really like how we can launch games inside of games though. That's pretty cool and saves time too.

Next video they'll be talking about trophies for 5 minutes.

Expy3819d ago

Microsoft's patent explicitly states "gaming machine" whilst the PS3 is an entertainment machine.

crimsonfox3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

excellent indeed...


Pp p3819d ago

And whats the good news because i allready have this on my xbox360

Ri0tSquad3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Welcome this guy to yours by clicking that link. lOl...."whats the good news" this guy says. Maybe....just maybe if 360 could play every PS3 game & still be free online that would make a little sense.

Marcello3819d ago

your box is now even more obsolete, 360 gets worse everyday whilst PS3 gets better everyday. I should know i have had both machines but flogged the 360 before it was totally worthless.

Anyone wanna buy a 299.99 refurb ?? only RROD once or maybe twice or perhaps even 3 times *cough*

butterfinger3819d ago

PLEASE don't respond to this moron. Take a look at his bio, his past comments, his multiple accounts. He just wants to get people worked up, so don't feed this troll. He never responds or acknowledges your comments, so just disagree, ignore, and keep on moving. 2.4 FTW!!!

brothersimon3819d ago


360 has had it for years tries to copy 360 too much :/ means they know their console isnt as good.

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The story is too old to be commented.