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GR-UK writes: "In the end, WWE 2K15 manages a passing grade, but unfortunately nothing more than that. It is with growing frustration I repeat what I said at the beginning of this review: I think the responsibility of developing the WWE games needs to be handed to a different studio. This is a game that will certainly entertain the biggest WWE fans (to some extent), but if you're not one of them there is absolutely no reason to take a closer look."

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hazelamy1329d ago

the last wwe game i enjoyed was on the PS2.

and the last really good wwe game, in my opinion, was on PS1.

one of the worst additions they made to the series was stamina.

i swear in one of the games, the stamina meter would fully deplete just running across the ring once.

scark921329d ago

I loved wresting back in the day and had games the games for N64 and the PS1 games you mentioned as well as PS2, I really like the PS2 games personally, but stamina can be very annoying I agree!, In my opinion the best features of the games are the create modes! I also love the music too :D

hazelamy1329d ago

i could spend ages on the create a wrestler mode.
first the look, then figuring out the perfect move set.
then choosing the entrance music, how they enter, the signs the fans hold up.

i always liked Jericho's music, so i usually chose that for the entrance. ^_^

scark921328d ago

:O I tried to be original and chose the preset music and the boring WWE logo as the video that plays, I loved creating Wacky wrestlers also haha I had a guy with long hair and a mustache and womens clothing and a bra, and he would walk out into the ring like a Diva xD because I could, I also made the devil for some reason.. who didn't!