Popular iOS Game Series Infinity Blade Is Coming To Xbox One Soon

If you've been fans to Infinity Blade games that were released on the iOS platform before, you should head up for the next installment of the game that will be released on the Xbox One console soon, titled Infinity Blade Saga.

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ScorpiusX1324d ago

Sweet always wanted to play that Epic Game , could to see it come to Xbox one .

SuicideKing1324d ago

I think this is one of the few IOS games that I like. Interested to see how it plays on Xbox, as it is a touch screen swipe game.

MSBAUSTX1324d ago

"The game will use the unique feature of the Kinect controller as a primary way to control the gameplay element."

This means this port will suck. Game is good on iOS and they should not use the kinect. They should have given it normal controls. It does say that the controller will be used so hopefully you dont have to stand in front of the TV and wave your arms around for hours.

Lenrulesdaworld1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Why? Its a rail based game and you just use your arms to attack like fruit ninjas, step left/right to dodge, back to block. Simple and fun to me, should be a success like d4, fantasia & fruit ninjas.