The case for 30fps PC gaming - Digital Foundry

"Top-of-the-line enthusiast gaming PCs are built for raw performance, boasting technical specifications with far more horsepower than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, opening up a wealth of gameplay options unavailable to console owners. If you fancy gaming at 2.5K, or 4K, at 60fps, 120fps or even higher, the PC is the only format with the flexibility and scalability to deliver. But that's not to say that the console-standard 30fps isn't a good fit for certain hardware specs, or specific titles. In a wealth of scenarios, limiting frame-rate can result in a markedly smoother gameplay experience. There's just one problem - only the tiniest minority of PC games actually offer the option to run at a lacked 30fps."

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Bladesfist1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

That is actually pretty interesting. I wonder how well it runs less demanding games as well.