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Gamepinion: "Far Cry 4 is a strong contender for game of the year and if that isn’t enough of a recommendation to go out and buy this game, I don’t know what is."

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cfc781391d ago

The story isn't the best in the series in my opinion but the games still great to play and hopefully FC 5 brings in the needed changes for this gen.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231391d ago

The start of the game is not as action packed as FC3 (being chased by Vass) and the little helicopter is kinda of a easy cop out for traveling, I have stopped using it as it makes the game to easy to just land at the objective. The game it's self is great though.

Kingscorpion19811391d ago

But fast travel still makes it easy. I've unlock most of fast travel on the whole map lol