Target Cyber Monday 2014 Week Live With Half-Price PS4 / Xbox One Games, Console Bundles

Techtorial: Target's Cyber Monday 2014 event is now live giving great deals to Xbox One / PS4 bundles including video games with half-priced value.

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Loadedklip1353d ago

X-Box One is literally being given away.

Incredible deals for it.

dmeador1353d ago

Literally giving it away would be literally giving it away.

bman531353d ago

I think the word he was looking for would be "Practically". But yeah, don't mess up in the Internet please.

Illusive_Man1353d ago

Where are these free Xbox Ones you speak of?

inveni01353d ago

I literally love it when people use the word "literally" figuratively.

BG115791353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I never understood how store do profit in days like this.
They are definitely selling at a lost.

NotAfanBoyy1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

It's $50 off + $25 Xbox Live card

They're claiming it's normally $399 lol
I've seen the $349 deal for weeks

Oh, and you get the broken AC Unity game Hooray!

If you tell people they're getting a deal - they'll think they're getting a deal lol

How about Xbone + GTA V + Halo MC Collection for $350?
That would be a fair rival to the PS4 bundle

optimus1353d ago

Well, i'm not saying this will definitely work but it might... They have it listed at $399 with $50 off BUT it currently retails for $350 so since target tends to price match all you would have to do is show them the retail price from the microsoft store thereby knocking off the $50 from the regular price which puts it at $300, add the added cyber monday discount of $20 off (fine print) and you're looking at $280 for the x1...worth a try.