Midway - "MK vs DCU will kick Street Fighter IV's arse"

From We had a chance to chat with Pete Sampras, former tennis superstar Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat (who just looks like Pete Sampras) about MK's radical new direction. We also ask him if we're going to see a resurgence of the old 16-bit rivalry between the Street Fighter franchise and the Mortal Kombat franchise.

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Rick Astley3820d ago

Actually I think they'll both end up sucking but MK VS DC will suck a little more. The characters in SF IV look American now. Typical Capcom, now trying to appeal to Western audiences by even changing the way their characters look, forgetting all about their loyal Japanese fanbase. Tsk tsk.

Condoleezza Rice3820d ago

I really dislike how they've buffed up every character,completely destroys their individuality.

Even Dhalsim looks ripped.

Mercutio3820d ago

They are scared of the competition.

Omegasyde3820d ago

Your right Rick, they both will suck in Comparison to Soul Calibur 4.

Honestly, Street fighter 4 will be awesome but can you create your own fighter?

By the Way MK is dead, ever since John Tobias left Midway. Ed Boob is a corporate Bit** and would of approved anything to save his job.

Mortal Kombat vs. High School Musical
Mortal Kombat vs. Rachel Ray and the Food Network
Mortal Kombat vs. Looney Toons
Mortal Kombat vs. Deep Space Nine
Mortal Kombat vs. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Mortal Kombat vs. Martha Stewart
Mortal Kombat vs. Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Mortal Kombat vs. Geico Auto Insurace
Mortal Kombat Armageddon 2, Senior Citizen Kombatants

LastDance3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

In SF2 the animated movie they are buff beyond comparison haha.

when did john saibot leave?

I welcome a change because it was obvious they were sick of what they were doing..and if they have reignited their passion all the more power to em..I wont buy this game tho.

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Silogon3820d ago

ahahhaahahaahhahah yeah, right. MK beat Street Fighter? Not even on Ed Boon's birthday. The flash is tempting, though. Man.

BIoodmask3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

The thing that has always made the Street Fighter series so great has always been the gameplay. It seems Capcom has stayed true to it's roots because all of the old combos seem to work in Street Fighter 4 that worked in it's 2D predecessors even with the transition to 3D. At least from what I have seen through videos.

After Mortal Combat 4 Midway dropped the whole fighting engine to the Mortal Kombat series. IMO every rendition after part 4 hasn't even felt like an MK title.

I think Street Fighter 4 will be awesome even though I am kind of sad that it isn't 2D. MK vs DC Universe seems like a half-baked gimmick to try and reinvent the MK franchise since it has been lost since part 4. IMO Midway will fail bc the fighting engine in MK vs DC looks just like the one from Armageddon.

Without core gameplay mechanics any fighting game will suck.

SlappingOysters3820d ago

When I want to play Street Fighter I turn on my SNES.

They should leave these classics to rest: bring on Soul Calibur IV

InMyOpinion3820d ago

He also had this to say...

"Soulcalibur, I think we’ll definitely
overlap with them, but at the same time as big as I’m a fan of
all of those games – I buy them all when they come out – but
with the exception of Street Fighter 4, it looks like these games
are going to play the same as their predecessors.

They have prettier graphics, but the experience is the same, and I think this is one of the things that’s hurting the fighting game genre– everything is the same as it was, like five years ago"

I really hope MK vs DC delivers. The Klose Kombat thing sounds really cool.

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