Fred Meyer Cyber Monday 2014: Cheapest Wii U Bundle $240, PS4 Console $330 After Promo

Techtorial: Fred Meyer's Cyber Monday event is now live giving great discounts to console bundles and newly released video games after coupon stacking.

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Applejack1359d ago

Wow, if anyone here is on the fence on getting a Wii U then this is as good as it gets to jump in on it!

optimus1359d ago

Maybe, if they live in the idaho area... That's a regional store, most of those coupons are in-store only. Even if you could order it online, the shipping cost will cost you about the same, if not more that the nation wide deals you are currently seeing.

Clover9041359d ago

I really wanted a Wii U, but didn't see a price that made me make the purchase. But at $240 picking up a Wii U is a no brainer. Really wish I lived near a Fred Meyer. Damn