The Jackbox Party Pack Review (Video Chums)

Review for The Jackbox Party Pack on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3. The irreverent trivia party game is back and it's brought some friends. Are you looking for a solid party game for family gatherings or for hanging out with friends? Well, look no further because The Jackbox Party Pack is here. It's a compilation of five party games that a ton of people can play together without the need of additional controllers. If you think that you won't have fun with this game, then... You Don't Know Jack!

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uth111358d ago

Bought this last week and it was great to have around for the relatives and friends who visited over Thanksgiving.

My only gripe since it uses a mobile web browser, is that when you don't have the most tech-savvy people playing, they are good at touching the wrong part of the screen and making the browser page disappear. I spent as much time bringing the app back up on their devices as I did playing the game.

But it's fun when you play with people who know how to use their phones :)