Eurogamer: Happy Tree Friends/Ticket to Ride Review

Happy Tree Friends

A Happy Tree Friends game in which you try to avoid gruesome death seems to be missing the point somewhat. Rather than elaborate Rube Goldberg death-traps, you mostly get the same predictable hazard types over and over. The basic Lemmings meets Itchy & Scratchy idea is sound, but the final product feels half-baked. There's replay value in trying to get gold medals on every stage, but the core gameplay experience just isn't entertaining enough to make such a task appealing.

Score - 4/10

Ticket to Ride

It's not a perfect adaptation of the German game it's based on, since the map can sometimes get cluttered while the nuances of the game aren't always terribly well explained, but compared to the rather flaccid likes of Lost Cities this is one of those games that hides a devilishly addictive experience under a rather bland exterior. It puts up a good fight in solo play, but the option for five-player online matches - and additional DLC packs which introduce new maps and rules - are enough to guarantee longevity.

Score - 7/10

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